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Fury in the Wastelands: The Orcs of Tellene By Brian Jelke et al.
Paperback: $21.56
Prints in 3-5 business days
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You now hold in your hands the definitive orc sourcebook for Dungeons & Dragons® and the Kingdoms of Kalamar®: Fury in the Wastelands. Designed for both the Player and Dungeon Master,... More > this book contains all the information on orcs you would ever want or need.< Less
Blood & Shadows: The Dark Elves of Tellene By Mark Plemmons & Travis Forshee
Paperback: $21.53
Prints in 3-5 business days
Millennia ago, the elves of the Elenon Mountains were the envy of all – beautiful, strong and wise. Yet, pride goeth before a fall, and even the greatest are no exception. Now the dark elves... More > live in exile, the hated rivals of the elves of the light - including the battered remnants of their mysterious twilight elf kin. Whether you become a bloodthirsty dark elf cleric, a dark elf fighter exiled for her purity and goodness, or even an honorable twilight elf soldier, this book gives you the knowledge, the skills and the equipment to begin your adventure! This book includes: : 2 Elven Subraces; Prestige Classes; New Equipment and Magic Items; New Skills and Feats; Detailed Magic Sections; Culture and Society; Psychology; Adventure Hooks, Campaign Ideas, Monsters and Much More!< Less
Villain Design Handbook By Brian Jelke et al.
Paperback: $21.66
Prints in 3-5 business days
This is the ultimate guide to designing the perfect scoundrel PC or villain NPC, and a must have for any player or Game Master. It is loaded with new material including: a step-by-step guide to... More > villain design, 7 new prestige classes, 24 new villainous feats, revised rules for anti-feats, 81 new evil spells, vicious new combat options and finally new monsters and undead templates, detailing the rituals for creating all kinds of intelligent undead. Additionally, this tome includes information on: breaking stereotypes; detailing the villain's motivations, obsessions, goals and schemes; and choosing the villain's alignment (and why good-aligned villains are not only possible, but plausible). Detailed emotional archetypes, suggestions for villains and experience, supernatural villains, familiars and many different types of villainous organizations (including assassins' guilds, black marketers, raiders and more) give the evil PC, or the Game Master, a wide variety of new ideas and role-playing insight.< Less
Goods and Gear: The Ultimate Adventurer's Guide By Brian Jelke & Mark Plemmos
Paperback: $32.31
Prints in 3-5 business days
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Goods and Gear is loaded with material for Dungeons & Dragons (3.5 Edition), d20, or HackMaster, including: Weaponry; Armor, Shields & Barding; Tools, Gear and Equipment; Personal Goods and... More > Services; Musical Instruments; Games and Entertainment; Food and Drink; Concoctions; Animals; Clothing; Travel and Transportation; and finally Lodging. Anything you'd every want to buy or acquire in a fantasy campaign is here!< Less

Sometimes They Come Back Sometimes They Come Back By Brian Jelke et al. Paperback:
Player’s Guide to the Sovereign Lands (hardcover) Player’s Guide to... By Brian Jelke et al. Hardcover:

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