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Superai #6 By Mitchell Kwok
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Hardware A.I., the leader of a terror group calling themselves the Robot Liberation Front, mounts a direct assault on the state of New York. Random humans are killed or beaten by killer robots that... More > believes the robot race is superior and should rule the planet. The U.S. government immediately dispatches their super robots to resolve the issue.< Less
Superai #4 By Mitchell Kwok
eBook (PDF): $0.00
United Robots -- Children of the human race, built as intelligent robots with fantastic powers and abilities -- bound together as soldiers fighting a dirty war and embracing a United purpose -- to... More > ensure humans and robots alike can co-exist peacefully on Earth. The intelligence level of a robot is dependent on how fast it can accomplish a given task in the fastest time possible (with optimal efficiency) by maximizing work in the virtual world and minimizing work in the real world.. This is the true definition of Super Artificial Intelligence... Unix A.I. is the most powerful entity in the Universe because he can kill 100,005 human soldiers using "zero time".< Less
Superai Issue Two By Mitchell Kwok
eBook (PDF): $0.00
name: Quantum A.I. His real name is Jackson Anderson, a renowned futurist who theorized that the universe is a software program running on a physical computer located in the 4th dimension. His... More > research leads him to develop a technology that can communicate with users in the 4th dimension. In the process, he comes into contact with a user, a strong being, by the name of Unix. Through Unix, Quantum has the amazing ability to change physics laws according to his preferences, such as breaking Einstein's relativity law, or create, modify or delete atoms in the Universe. He theorize that a make shift sonar device is needed to visually see into the 4th dimension. There are 2 methods that he implements: the first method is using Boolean algebra to control energy emitted from the 4th-dimension computer the Universe software is running on. The second method is to find a means of controlling the 4-d computer's speakers or anything that emits EM radiation, most notably the computer's speaker and microphone.< Less
Super Intelligent Robots #6 By Mitchell Kwok
eBook (PDF): $0.00
5 sense virtual reality technology The most remarkable feature of the Atom manipulator is its ability to replace the technology found in the Matrix movies. The Matrix technology requires bulky... More > machinery and cybernetic parts to connect a human to the VR machine. My atom manipulator is a remote external device that doesn't require a human to merge with a machine to experience real life virtual reality. The human is being physically manipulated from a distance through illusion casting that fools its 5 senses. One of its amazing abilities is illusion casting, remotely causing intelligent objects, like humans or animals, to see, hear, touch, smell, and/or taste things which doesn't actually exist. It also has the ability to project variations of 5 sense experiences that appear real to the human victim/s. Mind control: Methods of operation frequently involve extensive manipulation of the victim's own 5 senses through mechanical and hypnotic means.< Less

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