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Sacred Responsibilities of Sponsors and Godparents in The Orthodox Church By Fr Mark Hodges
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SACRED RESPONSIBILITIES OF SPONSORS AND GODPARENTS IN THE ORTHODOX CHURCH -- The importance of the Sponsor's role in the sacrament of holy Baptism cannot be overstated. How did the early Church... More > sponsor candidates for Baptism? Who should be a Sponsor? What are the requirements for prospective Godparents? How should parent choose their children's sponsors? What are the duties of sponsors before Baptism? What are the duties of sponsors after Baptism? How can Godparents help raise small children in the Lord? What are the responsibilites of Godchildren toward their Godparents? What about adult converts? What if a sponsor leaves the Orthodox Church? What principles should guide parents in choosing a name for their child? A small book filled with practical help for Godparents, Godchildren, Sponsors, Parents, and candidates for baptism. 56 pages.< Less
The Battle Over Stem Cells By Fr Mark Hodges
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THE BATTLE OVER STEM CELLS explains one of the hottest topics in politics and science today to the non-technical reader. What is at issue with embryonic stem cell research? Do the stem cells of... More > embryos show promise of being agents of healing? What about non-destructive, adult stem cells? What is the value of human life before birth? The Bible, the consistent, unanimous teachings of Christianty, and modern scientific breakthroughs are all brought together in this enlightening and timely booklet. Essential reading for anyone interested in the ethical implications of biological research.< Less
The Sacrament of Reconciliation By Fr Mark Hodges
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A Guide to General and Personal Confession for individual and parish use, explains the practicalities and the purpose of confession. This book includes both the rites of "General... More > Confession," and private confession. Also included are meditations in preparation for confession, and prayers in preparation for holy Communion. Appendixes offer Fr. Alexander Schmemann's report to the Holy Synod of The Orthodox Church in America on the need for the renewal of confession, the case for frequent Communion, and the Holy Synod's direction for the faithful.< Less
Infant Baptism By Fr Mark Hodges
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"INFANT BAPTISM: BIBLICAL, HISTORICAL, AND SPIRITUAL" explores the practice and purpose of baptizing the youngest of children. Differences with "believers baptism" are explained,... More > focusing on what saving faith is according to Scripture, the 2,000 year old practice of the Christian Church, and the witness of ancient teachers of the Faith. But perhaps the greatest contribution this little book offers to the dialogue about baptism is a vision of its spiritual value as the sign of the New Covenant in Christ. What happens in baptism? Why is it important? Is it essential, or optional? How can babies believe, and what is saving faith? What about original sin, the Augustinian reason for baptizing infants --is original sin an Orthodox concept? What about "limbo," where unbaptized babies go, according to Roman doctrine? What benefits do infants receive upon baptism? These and many other questions are addressed in "Infant Baptism: Biblical, Historical, and Spiritual."< Less