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Every Family Has One. By Charles Mazzarella
eBook (PDF): $0.77
This is the third story featuring the character, Victor E. Caruso; first depicted in the writer's premier story, Rembrance of a Kievian Romance. Vic is just recalling a story about his family while... More > he awaits their arrival to their lunar vacation time-share. This is an homage to the author's family. Enjoy.< Less
The Most Famous Fisherman of Our Time! By Charles Mazzarella
eBook (PDF): $0.77
This is a story of the main character's cousin who was an avid fisherman. The narrator recalls memorable experiences w/ his cousin; when they were boys and, in more recent times. Now, it is up to... More > the remaining cousin to ulogize the other. The narrator fondly remembers and has some regret that maybe he should have went fishing more often with his cousin. Is he too late to do so?< Less
We know only pain! By Charles Mazzarella
eBook (PDF): $2.00
From a dream, and partially taken from real life, a story of the struggle of two young brothers and their abusive, alcoholic father. This is a story representative of our age, where boys in this... More > situation are neglected, have divorced parents, and most days, only have themselves to rely on. These boys are hit and yelled at, but they are incapable of wrong. They are rescued from their fate by themselves and others that care. A portion of the download cost will go to help children in need in 3rd world countries or in the USA.< Less
What will they Remember? By Charles Mazzarella
eBook (PDF): $0.65
This is an autobiographical tale about my grandmother based on many visits with her. This would be a conversation I could have with her, if she were alive. I ask the readers to remember how important... More > their family is to them, as they read and wonder how the character will remember her past and how she will be remembered when she dies someday. Are our memories, sharp or fuzzy, until Alzheimer's erases them, a curse or a blessing? Think of this and remember.< Less

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