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Flat Earth: Conspiracy Theory or Just Conspiracy By Mark Dascano
eBook (ePub): $3.99
The flat earth model is one concept held by some persons that the Earth’s shape being a plane or a disk. Some cultures think that the Earth is completely flat, and this goes from Greece to the... More > classical period through the Bronze Age to the Iron Age all the way to the 17th century. The first discussion of a Spherical Earth was seen in early Greek philosophy with Pythagoras. However, many others kept the idea of a flat Earth model and Aristotle came forward with evidence of the spherical shape of the Earth. He employed empirical methods around 330BC. However, many persons still have an idea of a flat earth concept and still believe that this is so. We will explore many of the ideas related to this topic and some of the popular persons who do think the Earth is flat.< Less
Movie Pass Vs Amc Stubs Vs Sinema: Learning the Essentials By Mark Dascano
eBook (ePub): $3.99
MoviePass is a subscription-based movie service that allows the user to buy a single ticket for movies per day using a flat subscription model. The fee could be per month, quarter or year. The... More > service will use a mobile app that allows the user to go into a cinema then choose their desired movie and the time. AMC Stubs A-list is the newest competitor in the cinema options that is a viable response to MoviePass. AMC is known as the largest movie theater chain that has joined their subscription service into their loyalty points system. The users can get three tickets per week for a low monthly price of $19.95. Sinemia is another movie service that came about to offer more competition to the other services. There have been around since 2014 and has offerings in Canada, UK, Turkey and Australia. Their presence was made known in the US Market when they started to offer their different pricing models.< Less
The Robert Mueller Investigation: Learning the Essentials By Mark Dascano
eBook (ePub): $3.99
This investigation is a counterintelligence and US law enforcement investigation that has targeted to discover if there were any Russian interference in the 2016 presidential elections. This... More > investigation was also aimed to discover if there were also any links to Donal Trump’s presidential campaign and the government of Russia. This investigation also has a scope to discover if there were any obstruction by Donald Trump himself or anyone related to him. The investigation has been headed by Robert Mueller who directs the United States Department of Justice of Special Counsel. He was a former Director of the FBI and his investigation took over many existing FBI investigations including those of Michael Flynn and Paul Manafort which started before the 2016 presidential election.< Less
Samsung Galaxy Home: An Easy Guide to Learning the Baics By Mark Dascano
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Since its entry into the technology market in March of 1938, Samsung Inc. has made tremendous strides in the type and quality products it introduces to the market. Having created tablets,... More > smartphones, virtual products and other electronics has made the name synonymous with quality. The mega-company has now expanded its product line; introducing for the first time a smart speaker. The new device is said to be created as the voice for the Samsung Bixby; Samsung’s new virtual assistant. The device became public in August of 2018 and has since been dubbed by many as the ‘Bixby Speaker’. Reviews have applauded the move taken by Samsung and have congratulated them one the features, design and quality.< Less

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