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Finding the Face By Wim van den Dungen
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This book is about recognizing the nature of mind, metaphorically called ‘the Face’. Referring to a state of total presence, it is undefinable by any term, but inherently radiant and... More > wakeful. Figuratively explained as a mirror, its nature is brilliant clarity and an unobstructed medium for whatever appears. The method leading to it is called ‘supreme yoga’, known in Tibet as Dzogchen or Great Completion, said to have been first taught by the semi-historical Garab Dorje, initiated by Buddha Vajrasattva himself. In his "Three Incisive Precepts", he summarized to his heart student the 6.4 million verses explaining these teachings as follows : ‘A direct introduction into the nature of mind is the first imperative. Absolute conviction in the practice is the second imperative. Gain confidence in release is the third imperative.’ This book is about the first.< Less
Book of Lemmas By Wim van den Dungen
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The 'Book of Lemmas' presents the outlines of an immanent and transcendent metaphysics. The latter is introduced by a survey of epistemology, in particular criticism, demarcating between valid and... More > invalid propositions and between science and metaphysics. Immanent metaphysics does not move beyond the limitations of conceptual reason and is a heuristic of science. The ontological principal of the proposed process-ontology is the actual occasion, defined by its two state vectors : material efficiency and scalar finality (information and consciousness).< Less
The Yoga Sūtra of Patañjali : Translations and Commentary By Wim van den Dungen
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This book offers translations of the 'Yoga Sūtra' of Patañjali in English, French and Dutch, as well as a commentary from the perspective of a practicing Buddhist. The 'Yoga Sūtra'... More > of Patañjali is a remarkable short text of about 1200 words, codifying the best yoga practices in 195 Sanskrit aphorisms. Yoga became one of the six schools of Hindu philosophy. In contrast to Jainism and Buddhism, it always kept close to the 'Vedas'. These crucial scriptures speak of three paths to freedom from ignorance and the suffering it brings : Ritual, Mystical Devotion and Yoga. The 'Yoga Sūtra' of Patañjali turned Hindu Yoga systematic and close to direct yogic experience. Besides a critique of the eternal substances of seer (the self) and seen (Nature), the commentary also identifies correspondences between Jhāna Yoga and the various types of union (samādhi) mentioned by Patañjali and compares constraint (the application of concentration, contemplation and union) with the Nine Stages of Calm Abiding.< Less
Turning the Wheel By Wim van den Dungen
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The Lotus wheels found at the entrance of Tibetan monasteries and institutes are anchored in the earth, spun by hand and called ‘ground wheel’ or ‘earth wheel’. Likewise, when... More > turned in the heat of fire, the wheel is called a ‘fire wheel’, if turned in wind, an ‘air wheel’ and if turned by water, a ‘water wheel’. In the traditional account, wherever the smoke of the fire of a fire wheel pervades, sentient beings attain Buddhahood. The same happens wherever the wind blows, or wherever water flows. Turned on the ground, all sentient beings dwelling in that place attain enlightenment. With the advent of electricity, it may also be turned by solar energy. Here, a fifth type of wheel, the so-called ‘hand wheel’ is investigated. Held in the right hand and turned by a small movement of the wrist, whomever sees, hears, recalls, or touches that person who is turning (the wheel) will (attain) Buddhahood without taking a long time.< Less

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