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The Third Paradox - The Third Book of Jommer - Translated from the original Terran By G. E. Toribio
eBook (ePub): $8.99
Schaz Tellery was an impossible anomaly. He was stuck in a fixed paradox, divided inside because of the reckless scientific experiments of his genius brothers, but there was something more. Within... More > him was a terrifying power he didn’t understand, even if he instinctively knew how to use it. When his brothers were asked to conduct an investigation to uncover a dangerous conspiracy, they looked into it with the help of a powerful AI they built and stumbled upon things about Schaz that were far more unsettling, things that made their former tinkering with the fabric of space-time look like a child’s game. This is the story of the enigmatic son of the First Prelate of Humankind, where his mysterious power came from and what he did with it in the days when his father began to train him to take the reins of the galactic government.< Less
The Thayan Algorithm - The Fourth Book of Jommer - Translated from the original Terran By G. E. Toribio
Paperback: List Price: $27.49 $26.12 | You Save: 5%
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No one thought a numerical algorithm that came from an alien world could cause so much trouble. When Dill and Jommer Dega used it to build an AI, they didn’t know the full scope of what it... More > could do. More than twenty years would pass before the AI they constructed would show them. Their brother, Schaz, who was running the galactic government behind the scenes for their father, counted the AI as a friend, but neither he nor the formidable anthropic intelligence who advised him understood how easily good intentions can lead to disaster, and their fates would be intertwined as the phenomenal powers each of them possessed worked together to produce a series of crises that would never be repeated. “The Thayan Algorithm” is the fourth and final installment of Jommer Dega's great history of the first family of humankind, the true story of what happened in those few short years when everything in the galaxy changed for the last time.< Less
The Greatship Pilot - The First Book of Jommer - Translated from the original Terran By G. E. Toribio
Paperback: List Price: $25.99 $22.09 | You Save: 15%
Prints in 3-5 business days
A group of teenagers become lifelong friends at a prestigious academy where they are being trained to pilot starships, but in the beginning none know of the plans being made for them, or to what that... More > will lead them in the end. Upon graduation, only one is assigned a Greatship to pilot, and it is on that enormous vessel where his life takes a hard turn into a world of intrigue and danger. “The Greatship Pilot” is the incredible story of Josh Tellery, how he began and what he did, but it is not a continuation of his legend. Jommer Dega did not write a glowing account cleansed of faults. He told the truth of what really happened, and this first part of his “Book of Jommer” begins the story of a man who found his destiny in doing what needed to be done; a man whose history-making adventures were the foundation of the most important family who will ever walk upon the face of Earth, and in the process humanity's galactic civilization changed forever.< Less
The House of Tellery - The Second Book of Jommer - Translated from the Original Terran By G. E. Toribio
eBook (ePub): $8.99
After brilliantly winning the Unnamed War with the help of their friends, Josh and Enía Tellery acquired an instant family without knowing the heartache it would bring, and having no clue of... More > the catastrophic events that would come of that decision. Humanity was prospering once again under Josh Tellery’s leadership when the trouble started, and the greatest secret he shared together with his wife was it’s impossible source, but that was only the beginning of troubles to come. “The House of Tellery” offers a candid glimpse of those first tumultuous years after humanity’s greatest hero assumed his unprecedented authority over Terran civilization in the galaxy. This second part of the “Book of Jommer” is the true account of what happened from Jommer Dega himself, and it reveals the real reason the universe shook.< Less

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