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Lies can hurt. Lies can kill. The most dangerous often the ones we tell ourselves. Four tales of addiction about fictional and not-so-fictional people and places. THE TRAIN FROM TUCUMCARI Max had... More > been to Clayton, New Mexico many times by car and stayed at the Eklund hotel often. This time, perhaps his last, he came on the train from Tucumcari. BOOZE & BETRAYAL Two love affairs and two betrayals. The story of a man with two consuming loves. The one pushed him further down a dark road and altered the course of his life, and the other, his one true love that almost destroyed him. KAYLEE NIGHTBIRD A young Native American girl - a victim of drugs, alcohol and sexual abuse, finds her own way out. THE TAVERN They say you can never go back, and maybe you shouldn’t. Twelve years after he left his hometown a man returns to visit his dying father. One afternoon he takes a trip down memory lane and perhaps finds a date with destiny.< Less
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True, Semi True & True Lies HISTORIC FICTION & NON-FICTION: An eclectic collection of short stories and novellas plus the history behind the stories. Seven remarkable stories inserting... More > fictional and not-so-fictional characters into true western history and locations. They take place from 1680 to the 1800's and through to present day including myths, legends, greed, gold, life, love and glory. The author, who has lived in Arizona for over two decades, has been to all of the locations, often multiple times and studied the history in depth. The appendix gives brief overviews of the true history of the times and places. CONTENTS: INTRODUCTION GOLDFIELD GUNFIGHT AT THE ESCALANTE REVOLT AT THE TAOS PUEBLO THE LAST CAMEL IN NEW MEXICO SELIGMAN STOWAWAY KWI-KA-KIKINEE BACK TO THE 1890’s APPENDIX (history and notes- not anatomy) The Taos uprising in 1680 The Other Town too Tough to Die – Ash Fork, Arizona< Less
The Elephant in the Room By John Green
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Adam Barthold is a deeply flawed man haunted by the mysterious Arahm Tuit. He travels from upstate New York to the hills of Ash Fork, Arizona where he hopes to start a new life but instead finds... More > love, danger and watches the world come tumbling down in red ruin, little knowing he has an important part to play in the future of human kind. Although this is an apocalyptic story, you will find NO zombies, alien invaders, government conspiracies, universal plagues or any other such nonsense. It addresses what is a more imminent threat to humankind. Further, it is told from a very limited point of view as experienced by the principal character, Adam Barthold. Unlike some such story lines, the book focuses more on the characters, their flaws, fortitude and family-like relationships. It is both a love story and a story of deep friendships often crossing over racial, age and cultural boundaries. The action scenes are not stereotype Hollywood-hyped depictions either.< Less
The Real Inconvenient Truth By John Green
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POLLUTION, GLOBAL WARMING, DISEASE, WAR, FAMINE, CORRUPTION, GENETIC DEFECTS, DECAYING URBAN AREAS, AND RELIGIOUS ZEALOTRY. These are only a few problems facing humanity today but are they the... More > largest or most terrifying? Most were predicted and the cause identified over a half century ago by a man long dead. Long before computers, the internet, social media and the technological explosion of the 21st century he cataloged, graphed, spoke and wrote about it. This also includes a short fictional (or is it?) story entitled 'And the Meek Shall inherit.'< Less

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