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Super Intelligent Robots #6 By Mitchell Kwok
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5 sense virtual reality technology The most remarkable feature of the Atom manipulator is its ability to replace the technology found in the Matrix movies. The Matrix technology requires bulky... More > machinery and cybernetic parts to connect a human to the VR machine. My atom manipulator is a remote external device that doesn't require a human to merge with a machine to experience real life virtual reality. The human is being physically manipulated from a distance through illusion casting that fools its 5 senses. One of its amazing abilities is illusion casting, remotely causing intelligent objects, like humans or animals, to see, hear, touch, smell, and/or taste things which doesn't actually exist. It also has the ability to project variations of 5 sense experiences that appear real to the human victim/s. Mind control: Methods of operation frequently involve extensive manipulation of the victim's own 5 senses through mechanical and hypnotic means.< Less
Super Intelligent Robots #5 By Mitchell Kwok
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Part1: The Universal CPU and the Evolving Transforming Robot (2007) The universal CPU is a computer chip that is adaptable and changeable and has the ability to physically change its circuit gates... More > during runtime. An Evolving Transforming Robot: A robot that can physically change its hardware, software and CPU during runtime without any external help or human intervention. Its main purpose is to evolve its intelligence and capabilities to infinity, and most importantly, to evolve efficiently, optimally, in the fastest time possible. Part 2: Perfect digital timeline of Earth (2006, 2007) Definition: A 100% accurate and complete digital timeline of Earth that tracks the precise location of every atom, electron, and EM radiation on the planet for the past, present and future every nanosecond. The timeline stores approximately 4.6 billion years worth of data from Earth's birth to its current state, documenting every object, place, thing, or event in its past (or future).< Less
Super Intelligent Robots #2 By Mitchell Kwok
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When the team returned to Washington, the robot was evaluated by expert scientists and determined that it was, what the colonel suspected, a super intelligent robot. In order to fully understand the... More > functions of this robot, experts propose turning on said robot. The decision was made by Washington to turn on the machine. In doing so the U.S. sealed its own faith. The super robot escapes the installation and started to kill humans left and right. Panicked, the government sends the entire military, all 4 branches, to respond to this crisis. One super intelligent robot vs. the entire United States military.... Despite the fire power and advance weaponry, the United States was unable to stop this creature and 90 percent of humans making up the military were killed or severely wounded. Only those soldiers that didn't engage the enemy survived. At the end, the robot stopped its bloodshed from a very unlikely source, a voice in its head. This voice instructed the robot to stop and return home.< Less
Super Intelligent Robots #1 By Mitchell Kwok
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An unknown terrorist organization from Europe sends spies into the United States to systematically assassinate politicians. The assassin uses a device called the atom manipulator to torture or kill... More > people from a distance and disguise it as a natural phenomenon like a heart attack or stroke. The assassin puts the atom manipulator into a backpack and uses his A.I. smartphone to spy and kill people. Detectives were growing more concerned about high death rates for journalists and politicians in the U.S. and launches an inquiry. Medical experts discovered that most of the deaths were man-made... someone or something was using a portable acoustic device to microwave people to death. The military calls in a covert action team called Strike7 to infiltrate and retrieve a doomsday device called Project Genesis. During their mission some unexpected circumstance happens and the team is trapped and surrounded by enemy forces.< Less

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