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TWISTS By Walker Jackson
eBook (PDF): $1.50
Ninth McTrite Mystery - Climb aboard and escape to the exotic venues shown on the cover. The story starts in Paris where every story should begin. Well, maybe. Emma, the rich lady and Nip the retired... More > police Captain are honeymooning, They go to Barcelona and Emma is kidnapped thus begins the many plot twists in this book. When you think you have the plot fathomed it TWISTS. It just another great story from author Walker Joe Jackson. Explaining the plot isn't possible in the space allowed here. Dedication: Thank You Lord for rescuing me last year so I could finish it. Amen.< Less
Rx Conspiracy Files By Walker Jackson
eBook (PDF): $1.50
CAUTION! Before you take that next pill, read Jackson's Exposé concerning questionable practices between the FDA, Pharmaceutical Companies and Doctors called "Rx Conspiracy Files."... More > Dioxx, a Rx drug marketed by Miracle Pharmaceutical, Inc., is killing patients. Loved ones are incensed. Two doctors who prescribed Rx Dioxx are dead their deaths under investigation. Miracle’s CEO’s life has been threatened. He runs but an assassin hired by a mobster, whose beloved mom took Dioxx and died of a massive heart attack, follows. You will be thrilled. You will enjoy and want more. You will be informed. Then you can decide for yourself if your Rx is safe. McTrite's in London. He coaches his two adopted children who play in the Wimbledon Gentlemen and Ladies draws. However, he finds time to solve the snake charmer mystery. Partner Deloris Powers, who came on board in the third mystery, handles most of the action in this exciting mystery. This will be a wakeup call for patients using prescription drugs.< Less
CONRON By Walker Jackson
eBook (PDF): $1.50
Eighth McTrite Mystery - Twist on ENRON - This Exposé had to be written. Their greed was the personification of evil. They had to be taught a lesson...Beside ENRON, two more electrifying plots... More > diversifies this captivating book. Affluent Emma McCourtney hires the firm to find out who killed her sister. McTrite engages retired policeman Captain Nip Murray for the task. He and Emma rent a sailboat and head for the Caribbean, and a mystifying investigation is spawned. Love blooms. And lastly, Hackney's life is threatened. This plays out in "The Big Apple" where the McTrites have taken their two adopted children to compete in the US Tennis Open.< Less
ROSE, MA PETITE By Walker Jackson
eBook (PDF): $1.95
A woman reader said, "I couldn't put it down. I read it over and over again. “Rose, Ma Petite" is a heartwarming saga about an incredible woman set in nineteenth century Paris, New... More > Orleans and the Atlantic Ocean. Readers admire her nature, envy her beauty and marvel at her adventures. ROSE RÉNAUD comes to Paris in 1863 seeking fame and fortune: a certainty with her beauty and brains. She’s a fledgling and pure as Mary, but she becomes a beloved tease in Paris’ sidewalk cafés. Paris is obsessed with diversity. It has never been so naughty and delightful, and Emperor Louis Napoleon III is the trendsetter. Sitting in a sidewalk café with brother MAURICE, influential FRANÇOISE HAUSMAN and her French Poodle stroll by. Peppé pulls free. Maurice chases, captures and returns him. The Renauds' indigent lives are changed forever. It’s a beautiful rags to riches story.< Less

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Our World Our World By Deleah Payne
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