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Summer Haiku By Christopher Mark Piper
eBook (PDF): $9.88
Latest haiku poems by this author, focusing on and around Aotearoa-NZ Summer-Months (the New-Year transition period) - In this instance: from 2018 to 2019. Small book (100-pages) of light reading... More > for evenings during the coming winter-months. A Winter-Haiku theme of similar length may complement this Summer-Theme before the year is out.< Less
Four Miracle Plays By Christopher Mark Piper
eBook (PDF): $16.55
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1. The Little Doctor of Lima Peru is a short one-act play written entirely in blank-verse. Its history was drawn from a book by Mary Fabyan Windeatt of the same title. 2. My Don Camillo Christmas... More > showcases several tales from the immensely popular writings of Giovanino Guareshi of Italy. 3. The Pompallier play is drawn from a diary by the man himself, and largely concerns the history of his Mission in the Wallis Islands of Uvea and Futuna. 4. The Nativity play presents long and short versions, adapted especially for very small children. It contains a very beautiful Te Reo Maori Carol "Po Marie" which is sung to the tune of "Silent Night" along with other beautiful Christmas-Carols centred around the Birth of Christ-Jesus the True-Saviour of Mankind...< Less
Four Elizabethan Short Plays By Christopher Mark Piper
eBook (PDF): $18.77
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"Alas Poor Marlowe; Can a Mother Forget; Ambition; & Light Lady of the Sonnets" all feature in this collection of Elizabethan-Period SHORT PLAYS. The Post Elizabethan Literary-World has... More > always upheld Christopher (Kit) Marlowe as a genius. This short-play offers a plausible character analysis and more credible solution as to the "mystery" of his circumstantial death, but not without satire or sub-textual explanations. Can a Mother Forget" puns on the word Mother (replacing "Woman") to allude to the theme of the play in which only 5-principle characters for the most part feature. A follow-on play "Ambition" ties in with the much lamented death of Robert Devereux, Second-Earl of Essex; and features R. Cecil, W. Raleigh, and other colourful true-life characters. "Light Lady" is a parody of GB=Shaw's "Dark-Lady".< Less
Alas Poor Marlowe - Short-play By Christopher Mark Piper
eBook (PDF): $7.66
The famous “unsolved murder-death of Kit (Christopher) Marlowe” becomes the focus of this short Elizabethan-play surrounding such interesting relationships as Shakespeare to Elizabeth-I,... More > Shakespeare to Marlowe, Francis-Bacon, John-Florio, James-Burbage and others. A who’s who of theatrical-works is alluded-to throughout this witty piece, which storyline bears all the elements of true Elizabethan-theatre. Conspiratorial intrigue abounds throughout…via the Rosicrucian-Freemasonic network behind Liz’s throne. But where there are the persecuted, there must exist also a contrary-movement to that of the persecutors, frustrating evil at every-turn, with some surprising exposés…< Less

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