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Black Sheep By Don Edmundson
eBook (PDF): $3.99
Tiffany Grayson was a Second-year Resident at UCLA Medical Center. On her way to work one rainy evening, she witnesses a motorcycle accident when the lone rider slid on the wet pavement and fell.... More > Tiffany rushed to his side, and then called 9-1-1. She stayed with the man until help came, where at which time she redirected the ambulance driver to take the injured man to UCLA Medical. Needless to say, Tiffany became attracted to the bad boy biker which affected the of what she actually knew about him; she was surprised, inspired, and utterly taken aback when he came to her rescue over the assault of a over eager Resident and a judgemental Atending. David’s family was deeply involved in commercial real estate, he was using an alias last name, and he was a pizza chef and a dough twirller at Mario’s Pizzeria. She also discovered that he was considered the black sheep of the his family because he did not follow the career with his competitive father and brother. What’s more, she was introduced to Collins.< Less
The Kingdom of Nara Kem By Don Edmundson
eBook (PDF): $4.99
Glendon is a world whose inhabitants were taken from Earth many thousands of years ago by an protective alien race. These ancient races flourished; and even though they were still in the... More > pre-technological stage of their evolution, the Kingdoms did not suffer wars, famine, pollution, or any kind as did present-day Earth. One of these Kingdoms, called Nara Kem, was ruled by a just and fair man called Dorthose Sarrius. King Dorthose had a son named Korran. He was sent to the hill people of Dellenkine to deliver medical supplies to the Healer. On his way up the hill, he was shot by a young hunter who thought Korran to be a wild boar. When Tyferus Jarta realzed what he had done, he went to fetch his sister, Rolanna. They nursed the unknown stranger back to health and realized that the man had lost his memory. They named him, Helaku. The story involves a found emblem which is actually a key to a very large ship which was stolen from the Tibetan Monks. When the key was returned, a surprising journey takes place.< Less
Breaking the Bank By Don Edmundson
eBook (PDF): $4.99
Michael Banner had a very bad gambling addiction and he owed his family and friends, but not nearly as much as he owed Rollo Bigelow, the loan-shark that he borrowed money from, to pay off a large... More > gambling debt. When Michael couldn’t pay, Rollo’s men took Michael into the desert, beat him up, and then left him for dead. When he awoke, he felt that he was in a climate-controlled place and lying on a comfortable bed. as he tried to sit up, he a bald-headed man entering the small room. He spoke in a strange language and was dressed in sandals and a toga. Michael learned that his savior was the leader of a nomadic alien race who fled their home world and were looking for a new world to make their home. Tyver informed Michael that there were over 4,000 men, women, and children. He told Tyver of the fears and resentment of the human race towards the unknown; especially of extraterrestrials. Michael recommended that they acquire large sums of cash to purchase land so they visit Los Vegas.< Less
Assessing Emotions By Don Edmundson
eBook (PDF): $3.99
322 years old, Tren Ravvo was a Protector. They were not the original race to inhabit Callahar; the First Ones died from a deadly disease over 6,000 years earlier. The First Ones knew that the end... More > was near and built the Synthetics who evolved several time during that time. Tren and other Protectors like himself were assigned to protect the 143 Callaharan Assessment Engineers, for which his son, Kenjok, was a part. Every 50 years, they would arrive and reassess the life, art, technology and the social structure of the Earth and 3 other human-type worlds to enhance their own society. However, the Callaharans lived without emotion. On his own, Tren became a Good Samaritan when he rescued 28 years old Tristan Hall from a serious traffic accident. He did not understand her emotional gratitude; he told her that it was expected that he rescue her. It was not as difficult for him to understand the human experience as it was for Kenjok. Follow Tren and Kenjok as they discover what it like to learn emotion.< Less

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