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A Commentary on the letter of James By Shirley Sides
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This is a devotional commentary on the letter to the Christians in New Testament times, by the disciple James. He is teaching the life of faith and how it is outworked in the life of the Christian.... More > This is no dry doctrine, but full of life and vitality. All who follow the Lord Jesus have the same Spirit of grace and faith. All will be taught by the same Spirit and their lives will be full of good fruit to God. This is not an aura of pseudo-spiritism, but the life of God worked out in thoughts, words and deeds. Without Faith it is impossible to please God, and without works it is impossible to see faith. The key phase is.... “Faith without works is dead...”< Less
Words beyond By Shirley Sides
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WORDS BEYOND Words spring from thought. Words can take us to levels within levels, and beyond our own ability to imagine or reason. Human reason is faulty and as we seek an alternative, we seek the... More > holy and almighty God. It is he who has made us and not we ourselves. As we read and meditate on His words, so it changes our words and we find our minds thinking God’s thoughts and expressing faith and love from Him. This is a change of mind and heart that only He can do in us. This book is thoughts of His words, and His everlasting love.< Less
Words rise like leaven By Shirley Sides
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He died and rose again that we might also rise. Rise from the dead, and rise from the ashes of our sinful lives and live to God... This book of poems has the theme of the Easter reality and the truth... More > that there is more to us than meets the eye. God is holy, and we also must be holy if we are to see his face and dwell in His presence...< Less
Words walking By Shirley Sides
Paperback: $5.70
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Life goes by and we record each day in some way, in our minds. This book of poems is constructed from life in general and a life walking with God in particular. I am not able to keep up with Him,... More > but He is perfect and teaches me His ways and is patient... every day is a day to experience and live in His power. To rejoice means to pay heed to the moments of our lives and to record the thoughts that lead us closer to Him. It also means that we are taught by the One who loves us and will make us like Himself if we desire His ways and purpose for our lives. Words walking from me to Him...< Less

Jim Jim By Shirley Sides Paperback:
Sam Sam By Shirley Sides Paperback:
Words so Wild Words so Wild By Shirley Sides Paperback:
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Love poems Love poems By Shirley Sides Paperback:
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words fly South words fly South By Shirley Sides Paperback:
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