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Researchgate Activity of Elite Pediatricians from Ten Arab Countries: Researchgate Analysis By Aamir Al Mosawi
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More than 200 Researchgate profiles were examined during the first four days of December 2019 with aim of identifying elite pediatricians from ten Arab countries (Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, UAE,... More > Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Yemen, Palestine) who have RG Score at Researchgate of 30 or higher. Only two pediatricians with RG Score at Researchgate of 30 or higher were identified from the 10 Arab countries. Aamir Jalal Al-Mosawi has the highest RG Score of 32.44 and Rima Hanna-Wakim has RG Score of 30.95. Aamir Jalal Al-Mosawi is affiliated to department of pediatrics and pediatric psychiatry consultation clinic, Children Teaching Hospital of Baghdad Medical City in Iraq, while Rima Hanna-Wakim is affiliated to department of pediatrics of the American University of Beirut.< Less
The Syndrome of Asymmetric Ocular Abnormalities and Mental and Growth Retardation By Aamir Al Mosawi
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There is a large number of dysmorphic mental-growth retardation syndromes associated with various combinations of low set ears, ocular abnormalities such as microphthalmia, microcornea, ocular... More > hypopigmentation, and colobomatas of the iris, uvea , and optic disc. The aim of this book is to report the novel occurrence of a new dysmorphic mental-growth retardation syndrome associated with asymmetric ocular abnormalities including microphthalmia, microcornea, iris and uvea colobomata, transient ocular hypopigmentation, and contralateral optic disc colobomata, and dilated third ventricle.< Less
The Pattern of Pervasive Developmental Disorders in Iraqi Children By Aamir Al Mosawi
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Little is known about the pattern of pervasive developmental disorders in Iraq. Patients and methods: This is a retrospective clinical study aiming at describing the pattern of pervasive... More > developmental disorders in Iraqi children observed at the pediatric psychiatry clinic in a tertiary pediatric referral center. In this series, typical autism without significant mental retardation accounted for 65%. Atypical autism (Pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise) was the second most common type of Pervasive developmental disorders accounting for about 23%. Asperger syndrome accounted for only 6% of the cases in this series.< Less
Childhood Dementia: Heller Syndrome By Aamir Al Mosawi
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Heller syndrome is a rare heterogeneous clinical syndrome that is distinctive from autism and Asperger syndrome. It is characterized by a significant developmental regression resulting in... More > deterioration in behavioral and adaptive functioning including self-help skills with loss of language and social skills after a period of normal development for at least two years.The main aim of this book is to describe two Iraqi patients with Heller syndrome, one of them have changes on brain MRI suggestive of cerebral vasculitis. A second aim of this book is to describe the historic documentation of the syndrome in the medical literature.< Less

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