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A-Z of Monsters and Mythical Creatures By James Egan
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In the first story that revolved around a troll, the creature challenged a Viking to a rap-battle. In Greek myth, Medusa is Pegasus’ mother. In Inuit myth, there is a monster that looks and... More > acts like the Joker. In some legends, Alexander the Great was gifted with a killer rabbit. Originally, demons weren’t perceived as evil. An azeman is a vampire with OCD. Centaurs were originally called sagittary. The oldest mythological creature is Lion-Man. There are reports of Goatmen in three different US states. In Japanese myth, evil cotton kills by stuffing itself in people's mouths. The Minotaur’s real name is Asterion. In Celtic myth, leprechauns are bankers for all fairies. Mermaids play a big part in Irish myth. The Jersey Devil myth was probably devised by American founding father, Benjamin Franklin. The unicorn myth was inspired by a whale. “Yeti” means “rocky bear.” In Japan, there are vampires that can only move around by hopping.< Less
1000 Facts about Comic Book Characters Vol. 3 By James Egan
Paperback: $8.41
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Deadpool has teamed up with Sherlock Holmes, Mowgli, The Little Mermaid, Ebenezer Scrooge, and Moby Dick. Wonder Woman had a job selling tacos. Black Panther was nearly called Coal Tiger. Captain... More > America has turned into a cat, a vampire, and a werewolf. Iron Man took over SHIELD. He found it so stressful, he had to see a counsellor. Robin had a fax machine built into his boot. Magneto suffers bipolar. After Batman seemingly died, Commissioner James Gordon became the new Batman. Superman destroyed an entire solar system by sneezing. Marvel bosses were certain Spider-Man would fail because people are afraid of spiders. The word “Brainiac” was coined in a Superman comic. Magneto ripped Wolverine's metal skeleton out of his body. Green Arrow has many trick arrows including a Donut Arrow. Doctor Strange teamed up with a duck to battle an evil book.< Less
1000 Mind-Bending Facts By James Egan
Paperback: $9.34
Prints in 3-5 business days
Jose Ochoa was stabbed to death by a chicken. You can boil and freeze water at the same time. “Abracadabra” means “I create as I speak.” Pineapples used to cost $10,000... More > each. Killer bees are manmade. There have been five attempts in history... to ban history. Volcano surfing is a sport. The oldest human name that we have record of is Kushim. There is a flower that looks like Darth Vader’s helmet. Sunspring is the first film written by AI. Five of George Foreman’s children are called George Foreman. Nobody knows who created donuts or where or when. Colors can be copyrighted. The three most recognizable smells are coffee, crayon, and peanut butter. When the x-ray was discovered, some people thought it was a hoax. Todd Philips directed Joker, which revolves around a serial-killing clown. Philips' first film was funded by a serial-killing clown< Less
Hilarious Things That Mums Say By James Egan
Paperback: $7.08
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The sheep are being racist again! Why she can’t be addicted to heroin like a normal person! I couldn’t sleep! I was too excited and I couldn’t stop thinking about my morning... More > porridge. Don’t do drugs! You still have a cold! Robocop is just Jesus with a robot. I can’t get the Internet up. The little robots in the computer aren’t doing their job. I can’t find Noah’s Ark under the “True Stories.” I don’t have wrinkles because I never smiled at my kids. There’s no blood in your fingers. Having a child is like having a hairless puppy that learns to talk. Don’t point at the hippo! It might bite your arm off and get sick and then we might get in trouble. Your suit nearly hides your moobs. You seem to get on well with my son in spite of his small hands and girly laugh. Is there kangaroo in beef pie? Tell your cereal to stop being so loud. Skype is working! I have so many Internets! I’ll never forget what I got on my second date. Pregnant.< Less

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