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The Seven Challenges Workbook -- 2012 Edition: A Guide to Cooperative Communication Skills for Success at Home and at Work By Dennis Rivers
Paperback: $9.95
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A structured, intensive exploration of seven challenging skills you can use for a lifetime of better communication in working, partnering and parenting.
Os sete desafios: Uma Apostila com exercícios para uma comunicação mais cooperativa By Dennis Rivers
Paperback: $13.00
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Uma exploração intensiva e estruturada de sete habilidades para uma vida comunicando melhor no trabalho, na família, com amigos e na comunidade. (Portuguese translation by Irene... More > Schardijn of The Seven Challenges: A workbook and reader about communicating more cooperatively, 4th ed., by Dennis Rivers.)< Less
The Geometry of Dialogue: A visual way of understanding interpersonal communication and human development By Dennis Rivers
Paperback: $22.01
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This book records my ongoing quest for visual models of human unfolding. By that I mean to ask, what sort of diagrams might help us understand human interaction and development in such ways that we... More > would be able to interact with one another, and develop as persons, more creatively, successfully and nurturingly? Many cultures have used geometry and diagrams to represent and understand important aspects of life. Among the most notable examples are Dine(Navajo) sand paintings, Hindu and Tibetan mandalas, ancient Greek mystery teachings centering on geometry, and the designs of cathedral windows. Such diagrams have been found helpful because they allow us to model a complex set of relationships or interactions which would be difficult, if not impossible, to describe using the long-string-of-ideas structure of everyday language. My work draws inspiration from these ancient traditions, as well as from architectural drawing and computer programming data flow diagrams.< Less
Los Siete Retos de la Comunicación By Dennis Rivers
Paperback: $12.87
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Un manual para la comunicación más cooperativa, con ejercicios y lecturas. Por Dennis Rivers. Traducido por Ilia N. Morales Figueroa y Annette De Paz.