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Skinwalker Yee Naaldlooshii The Ancient Enemy By S. M. Krantz
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Alexander McCallister, special agent for NSA, is sent to investigate murders in Santa Cruz Arizona with the same Modus operandi believed to be connected to a Lab known for genetic experiments. On the... More > way, he and Yvette Montrand get married at Vegas, where Alex has a dream of a terrifying cat-like creature. Three months later, while on surveillance, he sees the creature from his nightmare but makes the decision not to tell Yvette believing she is safer not knowing. Alex blows the Lab up per orders but finds Yvette horribly murdered the next day. He is certain the creature is responsible and pursues it, but soon learns it is something beyond his ability. If not for the aid of a lost dog the creature would have killed him. Alex seeks advice from a Navajo mentor, while there he hears a warning: “So…you think you know me? You don’t know me yet, but you will.” Alex meets and falls in love with Lacey Greene but soon knows he must battle this enemy to protect her. To lose another to this beast would shatter him.< Less
Johnny Hawk Werewolf Hunter By S. M. Krantz
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In 1837 out in a lonely meadow under a full moon, a man-beast attacks and kills a small boy on the evening of Johnny Hawk’s sixth birthday. The tragic past and dark secret of his... More > brother’s untimely death eventually drives Hawk to join Hayes' Rangers where he fights in the violent Mexican American War that leaves him bitter. When a friend’s wife is kidnapped and murdered Hawk becomes a vigilante killer. His reputation gets him noticed by the law but he finds they need his help after the Navajo girl he’d been living with is horrendously murdered. He soon realizes he alone must stop the evil that begins to erupt around him. After he meets Tori Bryan and finds her of interest in more ways than one Hawk quickly learns how evil can destroy after Tori is taken hostage and how love can redeem as he faces his greatest fear against something he understands little of, with death being the only cure. Johnny Hawk and Tori Bryan find strength neither knew they had and through their pain they learn what love truly means.< Less
Johnny Hawk Werewolf Hunter By S. M. Krantz
eBook (ePub): $4.99
In the stillness of a Texas evening, the younger brother of Johnny Hawk is brutally murdered and the killer left two legged wolf tracks. The horrible death ultimately drives Johnny away from his... More > family. He joins John Coffee Hayes’ Rangers to fight in the Mexican American War but the experience hardens Johnny even more. He remains in Texas, a vigilante hunter until fate brings young Victoria Bryan into his life. They go their separate ways, but Hawk can't stop thinking about her. A few years later a young Navajo girl Johnny is living with is brutally murdered in the same terrible manner his brother had been. Horrified Hawk vows to hunt down this killer but when Tori Bryan comes back into his life his worst fears are realized when she is taken hostage by a band of cutthroats that unknowingly has a werewolf as a key member. Hawk must face his childhood fears in order to rescue Tori from something he understands little of but knows death is the only cure. Along the way he learns true love does heal deep wounds.< Less
Shapeshifter Mountain By S. M. Krantz
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Jonas Bale’s Indian wife and children are murdered. On the trail of the murderers he encounters a fearful dog fleeing from something frightening. Troubled by what he experiences Jonas seeks... More > advice from Dezba a medicine man, who says oral history tells of a legend of man-made terrestrial beasts created by ancient beings who once lived on earth. Shapeshifters, as they are called, are extremely dangerous. Jonas meets twenty year old Rebecca Hagan who has come west after receiving a letter from a military tribunal concerning her father but soon learns her father is dead. Rebecca chooses to stay in Arizona, as it is the first time she has had something to call her very own. Jonas is attracted to Rebecca but the shapeshifting beasts, at war with him, kidnap her in an attempt to lure Jonas to their lair to kill him. He travels deep into their mountain but finds rescuing Rebecca much more dangerous than he expects. Rebecca fights, determined to live, and in the process they find love, security and mutual respect.< Less

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