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Biblical Discipleship: For New Christians By John King
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Discipling is the study of the Bible as it applies to the change that salvation has already brought in the process by which the Lord is continuing to change each believer. This truth is best taught... More > in the privacy of a friendship between the young Christian (a disciple) and a more mature believer, who shares his or her knowledge. It is for this reason we are referred to this discipling series as a “discovery.“ There is a sevenfold discovery that each believer finds as they live the Christian Life. The seven booklets in our series deal with these in order.< Less
The Suffering Servant: Isaiah's Astonishing Prophecy By John King
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My primary interest in writing this essay is centered on a couple verses (10-12) in Isaiah's 53rd chapter which for me provides irrefutable proof in the revelatory content of Isaiah’s prophecy... More > and therefore an additional support for a christian’s faith in God. For centuries there has been a scholastic or academic effort to refute this simple faith in the inspiration of Scripture, but our faith deserves a voice. Philip with the Ethiopian eunuch (Acts 8:26) didn’t have John 3:16 or Acts 16:4 or Romans 3:23-25 to discuss God’s salvation through Christ ...but he had Isaiah. Should we need any more to convince us of the providential hand of God, the irrefutable evidence, that confirms and validates a christian faith in Isaiah’s work as the Word of God!?< Less
The Dream: A Retired Pastor Reflects on The Perfect Ministry By John King
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This work represents the daydreaming of a retired minister of his perfect church. It becomes a study of the Beatitudes. The beatitudes are the key to interpreting Scripture because they speak of the... More > Cross. They are, themselves, a pastoral hermeneutic that is the scriptwriter for every sermon and the voice of all biblical counsel. A thousand theologians would have a thousand different views on this dynamic text and all would be right. In a thousand sermons and homilies we have not begun to uncover the secrets contained here for living a holy life. The way of holiness is locked away in these verses—even though Jesus gave us the key, "follow me" (John 12:26)< Less
The Crusade For the Souls of Men: The Gospel Story: When God Walked Among Us By John King
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The plan for our salvation was drawn up in the ages past by our Lord to encompass, not just those final acts of forgiveness but, the entire span of our Savior’s sojourn among us. As the ... More > earthly life of the Savior comes to its climactic conclusion, so does the fury of the opposing darkness. Whatever devilish plans may have been held in reserve over the 30 or so years Jesus was among us, have inevitably and predictably, on the eve of His death, burst forth in all its rage. As Jesus approached Golgotha, He invited more and more people to involve themselves in some way in the confrontation. What was once a very private conversation on some forsaken hillside with His twelve discussing His sufferings and death, had become a sermon "shouted from the housetops." It is the Story of when the light invaded the blackness of a spiritual night. It is the Story of when God walked among us.< Less

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