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Faces from Memory Lane: A memoir to Feminine Charm Through Portraits By Raman K. Attri
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This book is for the art lovers who appreciate the beauty of the female face. This book offers an artistic visual memoir to compelling feminine charm through 85 hand-drawn portraits, paintings,... More > sketches, and illustrations. This book is an attempt to interweave the visual stories conveyed through portraits of remarkable female faces I happened to meet down the memory lane. The divine appeal, captivating beauty, mesmerizing charm and a multitude of expressions of a female face is the sole subject of all the portraits in this book. Female faces are capable of bringing unimaginable happiness, transformations, dreams, desires, feelings, and hopes in people’s life who surround them. The portraits included in this book attempt to convey that special, unforgettable and hypnotic allure of female faces. The portraits are arranged into nine different thematic sections depending upon the method used to draw.< Less
If Forever Exists: The Moments That Lasted A lifetime By Raman K. Attri
Hardcover: List Price: $29.99 $26.99 | You Save: 10%
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The book is a collection of 89 soulful poems that reflect on how any ordinary individual feels, processes and expresses the complex emotions while reacting to the successes and failures of... More > relationships. The poems are presented in thirteen sections, each of which represents a specific phase of the emotional journey of one’s life, love, friendship, family, and relationships. Each poem is a memoir of the author’s experiences at various stages of personal relationships. The poems included in this volume express a range of emotions any adolescent, young adult or grown-up feels such as love & friendship; attraction & infatuations; belongingness & loneliness; togetherness & separation; rejections & acceptances; frustrations & angers; obsessions & passion; successes & failures; confusions and reflections; heart & mind and other powerful emotions.< Less
Accelerating Complex Problem-Solving Skills: Problem-Centered Training Design Methods By Raman K. Attri
eBook (PDF): $4.99
This book explains the importance to acquire complex problem-solving in today’s job environment. The book describes how to use five problem-centered methods to design training for real-world... More > complex problem-solving skills. The book briefly describes the five methods in the context of the complex problem-solving skills - Problem-based learning (PBL), Project-based learning, Scenario-based learning (SBL), Case-based learning method (CBL), and Simulation-based learning. The book also specifies six research-based guidelines, and how training experts can design a training curriculum that ensures acquiring and accelerating complex problem-solving skills in any complex domain.< Less
The Models of Skill Acquisition and Expertise Development: A Quick Reference of Summaries By Raman K. Attri
eBook (PDF): $8.99
The book offers condensed summaries of twenty-three major models of skill acquisition and expertise development presented by leading researchers during the last half a century of classic and new... More > research. This book presents new researchers in learning, training, cognitive sciences or education disciplines with a big picture starting point for their literature review journey. The book presents an easy t understand taxonomy of twenty-three models which can give new researchers a good bird’s eye view of existing models and theories, based on which they can decide which direction to dig further. The reviews in this book are complemented with over 200 authentic sources which a researcher read for detailed and deeper dive and set the direction for further exploration. This book would also act as an essential reference for training & learning professionals and instructional designers to design research-based training curriculum to develop skills of their staff.< Less

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