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THE WEAVER BIRD OF NJAWARA By Dr. Alhasan Sisawo. Ceesay, MD
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Njawara located in green fields of Northern Gambia is an ideal place for breeding different birds and amongst these the weaver bird reigns supreme in its aeronautic prowess, it is a unique architect,... More > which earned it the name ‘Weaver bird’. Above all the weaver bird of Njawara is very communal and is always seen in huge flocks. These flocks bring terror to hearts of farmers because of destructive force their devouring grain of rice, coos or millet fields. Our weaver bird of Njawara is special in that it is endowed with many unique gifts no other of its kind ever had. Hence forth our weaver bird will be known in this work as Sang Mansa, meaning king of the skies. Sang Mansa is a leader by nature, is an adept navigator, and above all a good communicator. This bird is unique navigator and experimenter with a huge following no other flying machine in the flesh had and here is our weaver bird to tell its own tale and life. I write to raise funds for building of Njawara hospital.< Less
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The circumambulation life follows in orphanage is akin to global motion of celestial bodies. There are two categories of orphans; they are those whose parents were devoiced, separated and committed... More > in addition an abomination by refusing the children and the second category are orphans who lost both parents from war or by natural illnesses leaving them support-less. Some of the pages in this work will exhume my orphanage days as continuance pith holes and obstacles my life assailed. Life is not all plain sailing but it has moments, despite roadblocks, full of hope. Hope is life giving rejuvenator of effort and survival. Despite ups and downs of life hope makes the future plausible and stiffens the sinew to strive for success. Revealed is life buffered completely by sheer determination to rebuff failure on believing a greater future and hope lies therein for many than fruits of hopelessness. I write to raise funds for building Njawara hospital.< Less
NO GOING BACK By Dr. Alhasan Sisawo. Ceesay, MD
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Failure is self-imposed end result. Abandoning a mission tantamount to weak mindedness in one’s goal. Provision of rural healthcare is goal. Many mocked project Manding Medical Centre at... More > Njawara as case of a White Elephant. Sometimes faced with dark challenge makes me want to work harder to fulfil my dream to bring rural healthcare to Gambia. My path was deflected briefly by a dictatorial regime and endless immigration bureaucratic foot dragging and bungling. Life marred by unpredictable scenarios and bombardments by heinous acts is indeed worse than hell. Some experiences are heresy of life worse than banishment. When life is shrouded in naggings, distrust, shallowness and undesirable attitudes it declines to unbearable levels worse than being in hell. Nothing is more humiliating than being deprived of freedom of choice, proper healthcare services, good schools, shelter and safe drinking water along with worthy infrastructure for use of the citizenry. I write to raise funds for building Njawara hospital.< Less
SHADOW OF THE PAST By Dr. Alhasan Sisawo. Ceesay, MD
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The future is defined by fundamental foundations set in the past. It makes our world. Life is not longivity but what good we delivered to self and society. The past has significant role in moulding... More > our ideology, passion and fighting spirit. The home, parents and communities of yester years had impacted our views of the world. We reflect on our past to create better future for all. There is no human that never went through turbulent moments in this life. Difference between those who failed and stalwarts of challenge is refusing to give up their dream. Life’s dark path may be long but will not last forever. Most think from their stomachs when faced with challenges and so make poor decisions when under duress. On a deeper level one should feel blessed when faced with challenge. Be resilient, resolute and passionate in fulfilling your goal in life. This work relays efforts of a humble village boy committed to bringing healthcare delivery to rural Gambia. I write to raise funds for building Njawara hospital.< Less

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