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Top 5 Smart Financial Tips for 2019 By Keith West
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Do you remember that class in high school about Money Management? No? Me either. I think it’s because we were so focused on World History and Geman class. No wait, I think it’s because... More > the school system is designed to make you fail in life. Now I’m not saying education is wrong, but I am saying that our education system is wrong. Why didn’t we learn about money in high school? Why did we not get a class about insurance? Where is the Real Estate class located, because that class would be helpful towards my future.< Less
Devotional Through Psalm 1-5 By Keith West
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Growing closer to God is a aim for me in ministry both in my personal and public life. Join me in this 5 day Devotional that you won't want to mess out on. I will hit all the major elements of the... More > Christian Faith and walking with Jesus in a personal relationship. You will grow closer to God through this devotion.< Less
Top 3 Passive Income By Keith West
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What if you could make money while your sleeping, on vacation or just whenever? This is called a Passive Income. Passive Income is money you make for effort you done in the past. Most people are... More > working an hourly job, you may have this type of job. Hourly Income is just that, your making money based on the number of hours your willing to give to a company in exchange to a set dollar amount.< Less
The Marine Budget By Keith West
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Private First Class West shares his tips on being a good manager with his money. If your interested in making a budget the Marine Corps way, your can start here!

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