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Types of Handmade Jewelry By Francis Coppola
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Many consumers are moving towards a preference for handmade jewelry vs mass-produced jewelry. Handmade jewelry is made by an artist without the use of mass-manufacturing machines. There is no... More > standard "look" for handmade jewelry. It can range from simple hand-assembled pendants and bracelets to intricate designs that take hours or days and skilled techniques to finish. Handmade jewelry makers utilize many types of metals and gemstones in their work, such as brass, copper, silver, gold; and crystal, quartz, turquoise, coral and amethyst. EyeOnJewels will describe some different styles of handmade bracelets and gold bracelets for women that you can buy. To know more details please visit here< Less
How To Make Heirloom Jewelry Last By Francis Coppola
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Heirloom jewelry is more than just a jewelry piece, it is a special piece that has many stories to tell. Heirloom jewelry is defined as jewelry that is passed down through family members for several... More > generations. Due to wear and age, the beauty of a heirloom jewelry can have a tendency to deteriorate. It is important to know what can damage your jewelry and how to preserve it. Remove your heirloom jewelry when doing household chores. Cleaning, gardening or other day to day activities can scratch, chip, or damage your jewelry. Vintage style engagement rings are common choice for heirlooms. With a high financial value and a deep emotional significance, heirloom engagement rings connect a current celebration with your family's history, continuing a legacy of love. To know more details please visit here< Less
What are ‘conflict diamonds?’ By Francis Coppola
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The term “conflict diamond” does not accurately describe what such diamonds really are. Another name is “blood diamond”, which goes some way to painting a clearer picture, but... More > both phrases are often misunderstood. A name like conflict diamonds might indicate that they were produced under adverse conditions, or fought over like the spoils of war, and this is often the most common misunderstanding. In reality, the truth is far more uncomfortable for the diamond industry as a whole. If you want to buy diamond jewelry then checkout out our beautiful collection of diamond earrings for women, and see which pair best suite your style. To know more details please visit here< Less
The Guide to Colored Diamonds By Francis Coppola
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Most people think of diamonds as sparkling, translucent gems, but diamonds actually come in every color of the rainbow and beyond. The 4Cs of diamond grading are Color, Cut, Clarity and Carat. The... More > first of those, Color, is based on how clear or “white” the diamond is, with no color at all actually being the most desirable color. However, there comes a point that diamonds which contain color become more desirable. Partly because of the unusual effects they can display, and partly because some colors are extremely rare. Colored diamonds can be the perfect choice for small diamond cross necklaces. To know more details please visit here< Less

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