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Tom Corbett Space Cadet #8: Robot Rocket By Carey Rockwell
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Captain Strong and the three cadets arrived on the control deck simultaneously. Strong wasted no time with preliminaries. He faced them and pointed to the asteroid belt clearly seen through the... More > viewport. "There's a maverick planetoid acting up in this sector. Something has happened to its atomic structure and the planetoid has changed its nature from a positive or attracting magnetism-to a negative or repelling magnetism. It's been drifting in an irregular orbit for about two weeks now, bumping into other asteroids, which in turn are wandering into the space lanes and endangering space traffic. Our job is to find the maverick and blast it out of existence."< Less
Tom Corbett Space Cadet #7: Sabotage In Space By Carey Rockwell
eBook (ePub): $3.99
What started out as an innocent campus prank at Space Academy almost cost the Polaris unit the chance to become officers in the Solar Guard. For punishment, Tom, Roger, and Astro were assigned to... More > spend all their spare time on guard duty in the vicinity of a new building which housed the latest hush-hush project so important to the solar universe.< Less
Tom Corbett Space Cadet #3: On the Trail of the Space Pirates By Carey Rockwell
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Pirate stories are exciting enough, but a tale of piracy in the vast interplanetary spaces is a thousand times more thrilling than any story of the high seas or the Spanish Main. This is the story... More > of how Bull Coxine with his crew of cutthroat pirates came within an ace of taking control of the space lanes by threatening to destroy the great Solar Alliance, and how Tom Corbett and his two pals, Roger Manning and Astro of the Polaris unit, helped to foil the giant buccaneer's desperate scheme.< Less
Tom Corbett Space Cadet #5: The Revolt On Venus By Carey Rockwell
eBook (ePub): $3.99
For the young cadets of the famous Space Academy Polaris unit, whose every minute not used studying to become Solar Guard officers is spent on high adventure in space or the distant planets, a... More > month's leave would seem to be a perfect time for rest. But they have other ideas when they plan a trip to the jungles of Venus. There they hope to hunt the most terrifying of all big game –– the mighty tyrannosaurus rex!< Less

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