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“A Circle of Betrayal, Cowardice and Deceit” – On the 100th Anniversary of the Ritual Murder of the Russian Royal Family By Matthew Raphael Johnson
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This is one of many defenses of the Russian monarchy by Matthew Raphael Johnson, one of the most controversial Russia scholars in the Anglo-American world. The reign of Tsar Nicholas was an... More > unmitigated success. The destruction of the Romanov house in 1918 radically altered the course of cosmic history in ways beyond description. By keeping oligarchy in check, Russia exploded into the 20th century as one of its most powerful agricultural, military and industrial powers. The war was engineered by Britain to ensure her two great rivals, Germany and Russia, fought one another rather than combined forces. The result was the utter domination of liberalism and Marxism the world over.< Less
Officially Approved Dissent: Alasdair MacIntyre's Strategic Ambiguity in His Critique of Modernity By Matthew Raphael Johnson
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MacIntyre's work is structured around an analysis of human reason. Reason can only function as part of a social whole and that whole creates a self, a personality (rather than an individual, an ego).... More > His argument is that, once objective standards cease to exist, the self becomes rudderless. Nietzsche's conception of the will to power remains. From this, he concludes that there has never been a coherent defense of the “individual” in moral theory. MacIntyre does not offer a sense of what this social whole is except in vague outline, making it useless. He's correct that the "ego" is a myth, but in refusing to offer an alternative to modernity, his work is tedious and repetitive.< Less
The Foreign Policy of Mass Society: The Failure of Western Engagement in the Islamic World By Matthew Raphael Johnson
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The “war on terror” is a failure. From the events of 9-11 to Obama's rescinded pull out of Afghanistan, successes have been rare. The reasons for this failure as so deep-seated and... More > complex that any book, never mind one as brief as this, can do it justice. The literature on Afghanistan from the beginning of the Soviet war in 1978-1979 to the start of American intervention in the Fall of 2001 is immense and growing daily. As of the Spring of 2015, the reports coming out of the country are uniformly negative. Words like “failure” and “farce” are coming out of even the mainstream press.< Less
The Ancient Orthodox Tradition in Russian Literature By Matthew Raphael Johnson
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This book is written with the aim in mind of altering the westerner's perception of Russian literature and culture. Once the screen of the English translation is pulled back, the content of these... More > works is of immense complexity and assumes a great amount of prior knowledge of Russian religion and culture...the single thesis [of this book] should be apparent: the historic and religious content of Russian literature is the dominant element in that literature, and hence, should be at the front of all interpretation and criticism...." An exciting new and must-read work from Matthew Raphael Johnson, surveying Russian Literature from an entirely new perspective. Both a scholar of Orthodox literature and a Russian Orthodox priest, the author opens the doors to new pathways of understanding the complex subject of Russian literary analysis in a new and exciting way, in his customary lucid and down-to-earth style.< Less

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