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Low Down Johnny Brown By Ronnie Shantz/Robinson
eBook (ePub): $4.99
A notorious Detective, macho Low Down Brown, stumbles into a grisly series of executions in the Hollywood underground and is manipulated into protecting a pair of out of towners vacationing there who... More > witnessed them, only to find the trail of blood and bullets following them around me be a walk in the park as compared to the aggravation of falling for the wife of the out of towners, a pampered, stuck up sophisticate who considers Low Down Johnny Brown socially, well, inferior.< Less
Carnal Lady By Ronnie Shantz/Robinson
eBook (ePub): $5.99
What would you do if, after having just cheated on your fiancé and life partner to be, you stumbled upon your cinema star dream girl on a hot steamy night in the wee hours of the morning... More > somewhere deep in the bowels of Hollywood in painted on jeans, leather jacket, heels and a body that'd open a dead man's eyes? What any normal hot blooded fool would. Ask her out and get in even deeper with your fiancé, friends, your dream girl's friends and high profile director husband with no way out.< Less
Comic Monster 2 By Ronnie Shantz/Robinson
eBook (ePub): $3.99
OUTSIDE THE HOUSE: What happens when a man lives his life outside the house in every facet of his existence? THE PECULIAR WORLD OF ORY PEBO: A failed theatre owner evaluates his circumstances on the... More > night of his suicide amidst a mob assassination during his final stage performance. A SIMPLE TALE ABOUT NOTHING: A man weighs the pro's and cons of suicide after being dumped or going out with a beautiful bombshell taking in his predicament on a bridge. A DANGEROUS MAN, A DANGEROUS WOMAN: Two people with opposite mentalities realize they're made for each other. A BLUE MINUTE: Can a suave, successful lawyer woo the object of his affection who's happily involved with someone else, even for a blue minute? SOAP OPERA: An actor attempts going through life without speaking which is imperative for his chosen profession, with curious results. THE DOORWAY: A shy man too shy to make a move on the object of his affection is shown by a go-getter by example how to succeed in his endeavor.< Less
Comic Monster By Ronnie Shantz/Robinson
eBook (ePub): $3.99
THE FROGMAN OF CONSTINOPLE: Can a fish out of water billionaire become the next great hip hop artist of our time on a whim using his rather off beat brand of hip hopping he invented overnight for the... More > endeavor? ESCHE: What would happen if the girl of your dreams informed you she dreams of finding someone like her ex boyfriend or... you...too late? EMERALD: Can two out of town McDonald's workers woo two high profile jet set sophisticates who can have anyone they want on a whim and succeed in their endeavor using their wit, charm or whatever it takes approach? What would be the long term result should they succeed? THE ROOMINGHOUSE: See B movie director Joe Director and his every woman's want to be with sidekick Joe Writer attempt solving an upcoming murder caper before it happens and save fair damsel Miss Glamor and everyone in The Roominghouse where the clues lie somewhere in his last B-movie. Today's caper... "The Bullet Man Cometh".< Less

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