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Christian Riches: Practicing Our Faith Cautiously Within an Awareness of God's Peaceful Vigilance By John King
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Many questions can be asked about the moral or ethical rational that justifies investments and living comfortably. We can even deduce a scriptural basis for seeking a higher standard of life or... More > purchasing a lottery ticket even though we have to know these topics are not culturally part of the Biblical world. We might consider the first part of Hebrews 13:5: "Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have.” If the Bible doesn’t clearly pronounce our thoughts “unholy” they can be contemplated and practiced cautiously within an awareness of God’s peaceful vigilance. All our inquiries can be quietly put to rest. To see our well-being or “good fortune” outside an interest in furthering the cause of Christ in our lives, developing a stronger faith, confirming an active hope, or expressing an extended love—to seek wealth for personal pleasure alone—contradicts everything we know about being rich in a New Testament theological sense.< Less
Understanding God: The Problem With Grace By John King
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This is a study in Grace. The language of the Scriptures had the added burden of speaking for God, representing His thoughts in some elementary form that would aid faith in seeking after Him. The... More > culture of heaven, we can say with a prima facie reasonableness, is beyond the scope of the text. To explain the coming age in the language of this age is not the burden of Scripture. The Bible was written to promote the message of grace and our salvation, not in such terms that would make sense out of all that God purposes for us, His people, but the basic message to germinate faith in our hearts and give us the insight of hope for that world to come.< Less
Biblical Discipleship: For New Christians By John King
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Discipling is the study of the Bible as it applies to the change that salvation has already brought in the process by which the Lord is continuing to change each believer. This truth is best taught... More > in the privacy of a friendship between the young Christian (a disciple) and a more mature believer, who shares his or her knowledge. It is for this reason we are referred to this discipling series as a “discovery.“ There is a sevenfold discovery that each believer finds as they live the Christian Life. The seven booklets in our series deal with these in order.< Less
The Suffering Servant: Isaiah's Astonishing Prophecy By John King
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My primary interest in writing this essay is centered on a couple verses (10-12) in Isaiah's 53rd chapter which for me provides irrefutable proof in the revelatory content of Isaiah’s prophecy... More > and therefore an additional support for a christian’s faith in God. For centuries there has been a scholastic or academic effort to refute this simple faith in the inspiration of Scripture, but our faith deserves a voice. Philip with the Ethiopian eunuch (Acts 8:26) didn’t have John 3:16 or Acts 16:4 or Romans 3:23-25 to discuss God’s salvation through Christ ...but he had Isaiah. Should we need any more to convince us of the providential hand of God, the irrefutable evidence, that confirms and validates a christian faith in Isaiah’s work as the Word of God!?< Less

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Talking to God: How I Found Peace Talking to God: How I... By John King Hardcover:
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Talking to God: How I Found Peace Talking to God: How I... By John King Paperback:
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The Beatitudes: Believer Happiness in a Postmodern Age The Beatitudes: Believer... By John King Paperback:
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