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TWISTED PASSION - Book Three of the AEssyrian World Series By Michelle O’Neill & Lindsey Bayer
eBook (PDF): $7.99
General Gavin Theron is a difficult man to say no to. So after a rocky but passionate courtship, Doctor Harlan Ambrose has finally agreed to live with him. There’s just one catch; marriage is... More > out of the question. But Gavin isn’t the kind of man to give up on what he wants, and what he wants is Harlan for a wife. Only this time he’s got bigger problems than a skittish human lover, for there’s a new rival for Harlan’s affections and he claims to love the human doctor even more than the general. To make matters worse, the rival too is a general with a destructive and deadly agenda.< Less
Minor Cruelties - Book 4: An AEssyrian World Adventure By Michelle O’Neill & Lindsey Bayer
eBook (PDF): $7.99
After a volatile few years, the AEssyrian Empire has finally found some peace and security under the new Emperor Megolyth. General Gavin Theron couldn’t be happier, not only does he have enough... More > time to spend with his human lover Harlan, but he’s also about to be a father…again.< Less
Carnal Ambition - [Book Two in the AEssyrian World Series] By Michelle O’Neil & Lindsey Bayer
eBook (PDF): $9.53
The Second Book in the AEssyrian World Series, the saga continues... This series centers around the turbulent but steamy love affair between an 800 year old alien general and a human doctor from... More > Earth. Book One in the series is Naked Venom. General Gavin Theron is a troubled man and nothing for him comes easy. Plagued by lust for his reluctant human lover, Harlan and threatened by a band of bloodthirsty marauders at his border, it’s all he can do to keep his leaderless kingdom from civil war. Fortunately for him, a new king is on the horizon, a leader who even the roguish general can respect. But before this new king can take the throne, the general will have to fight for what he wants, both on the battlefield and in the bedroom. And a good thing too, for soon both his love for Harlan and his loyalty to a new king will be tested and if he fails, he’ll loose everything.< Less
Strange Appetites - [Book 5: An AEssyrian World Adventure] By Michelle O’Neill & Lindsey Bayer
eBook (PDF): $7.99
As General Gavin Theron knows all too well, being in command of the AEssyrian army isn't easy. Buried deep in the jungle of the Empire's last conquered territory is a holdout race of strange... More > people rumored not only to be fierce fighters but also cannibals. The general has already lost one legion to these savages and doesn't plan to loose another. Knowing he must go himself if there is to be any hope of conquering them, the general is ill prepared for what he finds in the dense jungle forests. For a new woman is about to enter Gavin's life, and much like his beloved wife Harlan, this is a woman he will never forget.< Less

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