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Radio Detectives - Books 3 & 4 By Doug Frizzle, Hyatt Verrill
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Two boys help US federal authorities that are chasing villains in 1922 using new radio technology. This book contains novels three and four of the series
Never a Dull Moment By Hyatt Verrill
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Never a Dull Moment is the autobiography of Alpheus Hyatt Verrill. His life has been fully as adventurous and almost as fantastic as the careers of his fictional characters. It has been a long life -... More > Verrill was born in 1871, died in 1954 - and a life crammed with unusual experiences. A. Hyatt Verrill was an author, artist, ethnologist, archeologist and explorer. A graduate of Yale University, he has spent most of his lifetime in exploration. He is best known for his explorations in the West Indies and in Central and South America. Despite his unusually active life, Verrill has somehow found time to write one hundred and ten books! These have ranged from juvenile adventures to serious works on the Mayas and Aztecs and science fiction. In the field of science fiction, Verrill was one of the pioneers. During the early years of science fiction, he was one of the most prolific and most popular. His work was largely based on his own experiences and the strange things he had seen in the tropical Latin America.< Less
Scientifiction 4 By Hyatt Verrill
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Scientifiction 4 – contains seven of A. Hyatt Verrill’s tales from Amazing Stories Magazine during the years 1930 to 1933. The cover story, The Non-gravitational Vortex is said to be the... More > source of the name for the geographic feature known as the Bermuda Triangle. This set of stories is particularly diverse in subject matter and length of stories.< Less
Scientifiction 3 By Hyatt Verrill
Paperback: $15.52
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Scientifiction 3 – contains three of Verrill’s longer works from Amazing Stories Magazine. These stories are from 1028 and 1929. The cover story, World of the Giant Ants, perhaps best... More > embodies the early principles of science fiction – fact and theory in fiction. World of the Giant Ants may be Verrill’s best known work but had remained out of print until this re-release. As far as possible all of the illustrations have been retained.< Less