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Waterbound By Arial Alexis
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“I never expected that a Red-Blood could be so follow one of these water damned abominations to their death.” The icy harsh voice mocked. The bitter laughter made his blood... More > boil. But what could he do? He stared, horrified, as she was suddenly loomed over by him. She looked so small in his shadow, helpless, as powerless as he felt. The Hunter tore her Lifestone from her, a conquering grin on his face. He lifted his leg, bringing it down on her wounded abdomen, causing her to cry out in pain and throwing her another pace away. She shook once, and lay motionless, the ever growing black void around her sapping what little strength she had.< Less
The Protectors Trilogy: Book Three By Arial Alexis
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“You want to talk about not knowing yourself? Try to blame it on shape shifting? Are we really the first freaking teenagers to feel that way? Do you think that being a Protector makes you weak... More > to admit it? Why? Why is it so bad to admit it? You are fighting for who you are, but if you buy into the lie that you’re fighting alone then – then you’re the one hurting yourself!” The silence was as quick as her anger. She had raised her face, holding it tightly shut against any expression until the end, when whatever control over the rise of her voice had shattered. She looked scared. Not of me, but of what she’d said. She stared at me, nearly panting, waiting to see what I would do, if I’d fall into the bed she’d pushed me back against, or if I’d fight back. But it wouldn’t be her I’d be fighting. I could shift out. I could disappear. That would have been easiest.< Less
The Protectors Trilogy: Book Two By Arial Alexis
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When we looked up, we saw the invisible force that held the explosion in by the definite lines that the turbulent waves of power and light were crashing against, undulating inside of its shape in... More > slow motion, stalled by the force keeping them from expanding outwards. It seemed to float, held motionless against the backdrop of the wreckage around it. Red streaks marred the perpetual flashes of light, rising and falling when they found no crevice to break through. Then, without allowing more than a few seconds to pass from its beginning to the instant we had seen it and recognized its stillness, the walls shrunk inwards, closing in on itself until there was nothing but ash falling from where a marble of light had last hovered four feet above the ground. Shift had come back somewhere in the middle of the minute’s long happening, his expression summing up what mine failed to show. “You…” He turned to Shadow, his doubt slowing down what would have been an instant jump to her side. She vacantly shook her head.< Less
The Protectors Trilogy: Book One By Arial Alexis
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When Fantasy is Reality- Fiction is Fact- And Sci-fi is Who And What you are... Welcome to our normal.

The Protectors Trilogy: Book Two The Protectors Trilogy:... By Arial Alexis Paperback:
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The Protectors Trilogy: Book One The Protectors Trilogy:... By Arial Alexis Paperback:
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