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Only a Smith Destiny By David James Smith
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Only a Smith Destiny- WWII, Brexit, ‘Freedom’. Smith RAF & BOAC for WWII. England’s ‘Brexit’, Scotland’s Independence. Elizabeth II through WWII. An EU to end... More > wars. UK Parliament saw EU dominance, refused reform despite independence growth in member countries. Brexit explained: When English, were dominated they voted leave EU; but UK dominated Scotland, captive as a country within a country, being dragged out of EU against its will, so want Indyref 2 as sovereign people quote Declaration of Arbroath. UK Parliament sovereign for Brexit say UK Supreme Court in England. The Prime Minister refused devolved Scottish Parliament Indyref 2 ‘for a generation’ is not law! Second declaration at Holyrood; Appeal to the EU Court of Human Rights or International Court of Justice.< Less
Only Smith Destiny By David James Smith
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Culloden battle, babe in arms attacked! Burns ancestor & Smiths with Gordons; Gordon Highlanders in WWI. Culloden’s ethnic cleansing on Cumberland’s orders, blamed ‘no... More > quarter’ on Murray. Charles assisted escape. Rev. ministers prove Cumberland’s lie, eyewitness accounts and, dying declarations. Proscription abolished- Highland traditions, tartan only fighting allies, then clearances for sheep. Burns told the world of English crimes to achieve UK. Sovereigns in England neglect Scotland. Queen Mother, descended from Bruce, restored Scotland’s faith in their own royalty, influenced heiress Elizabeth II through world war I.< Less
Only Smiths By David James Smith
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How a Smith aided William Wallace win at Stirling Bridge, in Norman dominated Scotland. James Smith wanted to find his own way in life. Born in Badenoch, southwest Highland Scotland, he was... More > determined to help William Wallace fight against Norman dominance for independence. Smiths were victims of a Moray clearance when Oengus, or Angus Chief of the Chattan and last Mormaor or King of Moray, had fallen at Stracathro to be replaced by a Norman Earl. James, a 3rd generation blacksmith, crossed the Causey Mounth cattle drover road to emerge at Fetteresso, before Durris on the east coast armed with a self-made sword, targe, adaptable skills, and handed down family history shaped by war. His skills served another Earl Moray who declared for Wallace burning out Normans from Dunnottar castle still smoking as they went south for Dundee and Stirling Bridge. This decision shaped the destiny of east-coast Smiths, now told.< Less
Only Norman Vikings By David James Smith
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High King selection over other kings ensured there would always be an adult on the throne, but warfare and murder followed. Overlordship was only submission under duress, ignored unless enforced.... More > Vikings kept coming, to settle, fight for possession, or for hire. Highland Chiefs are re-aligned by sourced history. Sigurd Rollo raided Scotland and became Jarl of Shetland and Orkney. He landed on the northern coast of France where his descendants became Dukes of Normandy. Erik Rollo accompanied his uncle, William the Conqueror, on the invasion of England, and Richard, followed King David I of Scotland when he left the English court to reclaim his Scottish throne. Wallace was betrayed. ‘Rollo’ first appears in a 1141 charter granted by Robert de Brus, another Norman Viking descendant. Sir Henry de Bohun, an English knight, was killed by Robert the Bruce before his Battle of Bannockburn.< Less

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