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Aphelion By Mel Keegan
Paperback: $23.96
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All roads lead to the homeworlds, to the timeless cities of ancient worlds — dark, corrupt. For the outsider — stranger, colonial, mutoid — it's alien and dangerous. For the... More > 'Earther' headed back after many years, it's not what you expected, nor where you want to be. Chicago, Marsport, Sequoia ... the skycities of the Jupiter system are the new worlds on the old high frontier, new battlefields were Death wears the same old face. Aerosports, Angelwar — politics gone mad — the launch of a supercarrier — the death of a friend. Nothing is as it seems; enemies and allies trade places. Trust only those you know, believe only what you see. This volume repeats the dazzling form of SCORPIO. Jarrat and Stone are back with a vengeance in a pivotal novel taking the Athena to the heart of humanity’s old home. It’s a thrill-a-page ride, rich with action, intrigue and sensuality, set against a background of real worlds. Read SEVEN chapters online:< Less
White Rose of Night By Mel Keegan
Hardcover: $34.99
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On a vast canvas Keegan returns to the past with a massive tale of the Crusades, the Lionheart — barbarism, splendor, and coming of age. The Saxon is oppressed in his own land; Palestine is... More > torn by a war where there are no real victors. For men like Paul Delgado and Edward of Aethelstan, no place is safe. They are men who love men, in an age when their love is forbidden. Crusade takes them to alien realms; before he returns, Paul will be a man grown, with an epic tale of death, sorcery and sublime sensuality. Dusty battlefields and the bedchambers of Saracen captains are his memories. Silk and steel, delight, despair, and the magic of forgotten ages. Darkly sensual, vast in scope, here is a haunting romance with a twist of fantasy, from the acclaimed author of the award-winning historical, THE DECEIVERS. "Mel Keegan's name is a byword for thrilling gay adventure in the past, present and future - MILLIVRES on Aquamarine." Meet us online: ADULTS ONLY!< Less
Dangerous Moonlight - hardcover By Mel Keegan
Hardcover: $37.50
Prints in 3-5 business days
For the jacket notes to DANGEROUS MOONLIGHT, please see the softcover edition, here at; but to read 25% of the novel online, plus interviews that put you inside the author's mind, meet us... More > online at Subscription is FREE, and there's more than a quarter million words of online reading, also free, plus rafts of artwork. See you there!< Less
Twilight By Mel Keegan
Paperback: $19.82
Prints in 3-5 business days
Return to the glittering midnight world of the ancient ... the immortal ... the vampyre, in the sequel to NOCTURNE. This tale is a mystery thriller set in 1905: the age of the automobile, the... More > telephone and forensics is dawning. Vampyre and changelings must be cautious indeed -- yet Bantry and Flynn find themselves investigating a murder in the westcountry. Read more than 40% of this novel free online at Mel Keegan OnLine! < Less

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