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Rabbi Gamaliel: Christian or Jew? By Michael Adi Nachman
Paperback: $8.96
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A study describing the amazing relationship between Rabbi Gamaliel and the disciples of Jesus of Nazareth from the traditions in the Church and the Rabbis in the first five century AD. It is taken... More > from the book The King is Here of Michael Adi Nachman and unpdated. Antony Hylton's book on Ultra Orthodox Jew Meets the Apostle Paul looks at the relationship between Gamaliel's Jewish teaching in the Mishnah and the Apostle Paul's in the New Testament. The amazing insights gained from that study give a new way of looking at Paul and Gamaliel.< Less
I Will Return to Jerusalem with Compassion: Yahweh By Michael Adi Nachman
Paperback: $15.98
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Life in modern day Jerusalem is not simple for an evangelist. Living in the city where prophets and Messiah and saints died and rose again is indeed a wonderful experience. Where else in the world... More > can you meet Messiahs, Elijahs and the two witnesses of revelation? This is a story about discovering the Jewish roots of the faith of the New Testament, not by rejecting the truths in the gospel but by understanding the truth of the Torah. These events happen mainly in the year 2000 in Jerusalem but with many flashbacks to other times. In this book Jew and Gentiles are indeed seen to be one in Messiah Yeshua and the mystery of the name of Jesus is explained.< Less
Yahuah's Times By Michael Adi Nachman
Paperback: $21.97
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It is difficult to set dates whether in the past or the future. Most scholars think the first temple was destroyed in 586 or 587 BCE. Faulstich using a computer program which included the priestly... More > mishmaroth and the Jubilees and the sabbath years in his measurements, believes it was 588 BC and a Jubilee. He also argues 70 AD, when the second temple was destroyed, was a Jubilee year. He believes Jubilees happen every 49 years and last from Yom Kippor until Nisan 1. In this book we look at the Kings and Prophets through the lens of Faulstich's dating system. Gaining objectivity in time is our goal. We are still not certain.< Less
Salvation of Yahuah The Last Days By Michael Adi Nachman
Paperback: $17.00
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The nations belong to Messiah. He is the son of Yahuah, the creator of heaven and earth and the redeemer of Israel. Yahuah whose word can never be broken and whose covenant of grace is eternal. The... More > world is at war but it is not the responsibility of the saints to fight. They are responsible to hodu le yahuah ke le olam chasdo, to give thanks to Yahuah for his grace is for ever.< Less

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