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Master Guardian Part One An old friend's request By Barbara Boot
Paperback: $7.25
Prints in 3-5 business days
An old friend calls on Guardian, Darkness and Celestial requesting their help to capture his brother. For he is once again under the control of the same tyrant who sent him eighteen years ago to try... More > and kill an innocent mortal girl. Except this time around things are a little different... Now available with full Japanese and Mandarin translation.< Less
Gabriel & the pearl oyster By Barbara Boot
Paperback: $3.38
Prints in 3-5 business days
Gabriel & the pearl oyster One day a group of oyster divers come across an oyster that holds something far more precious than a pearl. Gabriel & the glowing flowers Late one night a group of... More > women are making their way home across the hills of Kyoto, when they see an odd glow on a hillside, that turns out to be strange glowing flowers in front of a shallow cave. Gabriel decides to investigate the strange flowers and what lays behind them… Featuring nine illustrations by the author.< Less
Poseidon and Chris encounter By Barbara Boot
Paperback: $4.69
Prints in 3-5 business days
Terrible storms have hit Titan’s seaside village Fotià, word travels right to capital Athens, where a fellow Annihilation Deity Poseidon, who is visiting city hears of the tragic news,... More > he loads up two carts of supplies and makes the journey to the stricken village. The moment Josh meets the tall well-built god, he can see there is a resemblance to his brother’s wife in his beautiful fetchers and when he asks if he is related to Mnemosyne Eos Theia? He grows angry and informs the family his daughter walked out one day to never return. Josh goes on to tell him how he knows her and they have a son, Poseidon decides to travel with them to England to meet the grandson he never knew existed.< Less
The Battle By Barbara Boot
eBook (ePub): $1.26
On the dawn of the thirteen hundreds the gods that had survived the Day Walkers gather in a field near the Yorkshire Dales, for one last battle, to stop a tyrant known as Murakami once and for all.... More > However the gods are unaware he has created an unnatural mist to hide his deadliest weapon, Hōzuki.< Less

Dampa Long Li Dampa Long Li By Barbara Boot Paperback:
丹巴·龙·李 丹巴·& By Barbara Boot Paperback:
丹巴· 龍·李 丹巴·... By Barbara Boot Paperback:

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