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Damon Swift: The Duly Deputized Rhino… By T. Edward Fox
Paperback: $8.99
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In this third trio of novellas celebrating the inventions of the father of Tom Swift, Damon Swift, the seasoned inventor tackles a problem in Africa, one that will soon be in outer space. and then he... More > heads back to Australia for another interesting project. In "Damon Swift and the Duly Deputized Rhino," he must devise a way to protect endangered rhinos from the poaching squads of an evil dictator of one of the newest nations. "Damon Swift and the One-Man Missile" sees him attempting to work with the French designers of a forthcoming space station to rival Enterprises' own Outpost in Space, only to find that they have made far too many mistakes in their design. But it is what they intend to do with the invention he is creating for them that makes him angry. Finally, in "Damon Swift and the Pretend Pterodactyl," he is hired to create a flying lizard for a man who is more interested in getting his name on a new theme park than in doing things right.< Less
Damon Swift In Flight By T. Edward Fox
Paperback: $9.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
In the sixth collection of Damon Swift invention stories, the three tales all are about various aircraft Damon has invented over the years. It all begins with the desire to build a light plane, and... More > all before Swift Enterprises is even started. The Pigeon is a two-seat plane that starts his love of building flying machines. That is followed by his updated version, the Pigeon Special, still a two-seater but with more power, more speed and greater range. The third story concerns Damon working with the Norwegian government—and at first against the wishes of our own Government—to come up with something that can race along the surface of the waters off their coast in an effort to try to drive back what seems to be an impending invasion by the Russians in small ships capable of incredible speed. When the President finally gets behind him, he comes up with a surface effect aircraft that can run circles around the small, missile-bearing ships!< Less
Damon Swift and the CosmoSoar: a novel (HB) By T. Edward Fox
Hardcover: $29.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
The Tom Swift adventure about his Rocket Ship doesn't tell much of the real tale other than the build and launch. In fact it just assumes that things like Fearing Island exist and his own father,... More > Damon, has nothing better to do than stand and watch his son shoot into space. The truth is Damon also built a privately-funded rocket as part of an X-Prize competition. His was unique with a series of obstacles to overcome and began even before Tom had finished his Flying Lab. This included locating and building out Fearing Island off the coast of Georgia and everything that went into that massive operation. This is the story of how Fearing island came to be, how Damon became very good friends with the U.S. Senator who would play a large part in their lives, how he designed and built something more like a monstrous child's toy than a heavy-lifting rocket, and how he and Tom went into a friendly competition to see whose rocket would be launched first. It is a unique look into the father of Tom Swift.< Less
Damon Swift and the Citadel 2: A Bud and Chow Story By T. Edward Fox
Paperback: $7.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
When he was just sixteen, and his father, Damon Swift, was finishing getting the first reactor up and running and the second one ready to build at the Citadel in New Mexico, Tom Swift met the boy who... More > would become his best friend and one day, his brother-in-law, Bud Barclay. He would also meet, and the two boys were rescued by, Chow Winkler, an amiable ranch cook whose last job had just ended, when a mysterious black jet tried to use a missile to kill them. The three formed a friendship and when the time came for the Swifts to head back to Shopton, Bud and Chow came along, This is the story of those meetings, an attacker who nearly killed both boys, and what led to them all going back to Enterprises where they would be for years to come. This is the follow-up story to the novel, "Damon Swift and the Citadel," also available from Lulu.< Less

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