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Old Wolf By Johnn Schroeder
Paperback: $17.55
Prints in 3-5 business days
Cities change, jobs move to the suburbs, and crime begins to take hold of the inner city and often for the worst. A quiet neighborhood is targeted by drug users and drug sellers, and the rising crime... More > takes a victim, a woman with a loving family. Her husband is forced to come out of retirement, to collect the debt owed him for the loss of his wife. The criminal element is about to learn a hard lesson, for it is safer to let sleeping dogs lie, especially when they are old wolves, Cold war Assassins just napping!< Less
Sidhara By Johnn Schroeder
Paperback: $21.15
Prints in 3-5 business days
Seventeen years after the Wizard's War, King Moc IronSmith, his queen Vira, and the High Priestess Bru Doxel are sent to retrieve the 'Marl' the staff that once belonged to the Sidhara, the great... More > healer of the goddess Hera. The 'Sidhara' is to return, and the three must fight with the forces of Chaos to reach the Marl. Complicating all this, Princess Fex has gone by herself to find and protect the man she loves, a man who is at that moment in mindlock with the evil mind of the last living Wizard on Aldar. Fighting creatures of Chaos, slavers, pirates, and Sugs, they struggle to bring the Sidhara into being, before their daughter gets into trouble. Little do they know she's already neck deep in trouble and swinging her sword. Book Two of the Aldar Trilogy< Less
The One King By Johnn Schroeder
Paperback: $23.77
Prints in 3-5 business days
On the world of Aldar, a race of Wizards control life, and trade keeping the other races under their thumb. One small deep woods Epo, a Master Smith must complete the promise made and travel to the... More > far Eastern Lands. Here he will find a man who will complete the ancient prophecy, and give a talisman to him who will become the One King over all of Aldar, ending the rule of the wizards. Pursued by wizards, werebeasts, giant worms, assassins, killers and mercenaries, our reluctant hero struggles to find the King. All in all, not exactly what a young man might have imagined for his honeymoon! Book One of the Aldar Trilogy< Less
Second Age By Johnn Schroeder
Paperback: $18.51
Prints in 3-5 business days
King IronSmith and his Queen, Vira manage the campaign against the pirates who have built a great fortress called Haven on an island far to the south. Their daughter, Fex, the great healer known as... More > the 'Sidhara' is in deadly combat with a creature from the first age, created by demons. This creature of Chaos is known as the Ceritan, and its intent on consuming the soul of Fex. A battle she must win at all costs! Add in the sudden appearance of a race (unknown till now), called the High Desert Vor, awesome nomadic warriors who are now allies of King IronSmith, and the Sidhara, who is known to them from the First Age, it get a bit confusing. The Pirate king wants to become the One King of all Aldar, the Ceritan wants every soul it can get, and the IronSmith family wants both of these evils defeated. And things are just getting started! Book Three of the Aldar Trilogy< Less

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