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Robot Wars Issue #1 By Mike Sorensen
eBook (PDF): $1.99
(5 Ratings)
Open the cover on '3J's Robotics,' the continuing sage of the incredible adventures of three teenage friends with a genius for building robots. The problem? Their robot creations are so good the... More > Corporate World has taken notice--and you don't want to get in front of THAT freight train! Fortunately our three friends are more than they seem at first--more even then THEY know! Come on in, you'll love the ride. This Issue was originally produced in one twenty-four hour marathon session and was on display at the Brattleboro Museum of Art. Also previewed on Twenty-four full color pages and created to meet the 1990 Comics Code. Rated PG-13< Less
Memories of Ghenna By Mike Sorensen
eBook (PDF): $1.99
Ten year old Abra Hale is haunted by a nightmare. Over and over she relives her own murder. Why? This is the question that starts Abra and her novelist father Matthew on a journey to discover that... More > Abra is more than she appears. She is the reincarnation of a murdered young woman named Ghenna. Follow this father and daughter as they race against time to discover the murderer, before he can strike again...< Less
Robot Wars Issue # 4 By Mike Sorensen
eBook (PDF): $1.99
(1 Ratings)
In this issue a lovelorn Jake reviews the longest night of his short life, a night spent listening to Jess and Jen making love. Then Jess appears and suddenly the stakes become even more... More > 'interesting!' Jess presents Jake with a startling proposal and a naked ultimatum--then hits the shower to 'cool off...' Finally, we are back at the 3J's empty workshop. Jess is feeling the guilt, when Tinker puts in 'his' appearance. And, why is the NSA (the National Security Agency) interested in our enterprising teen bot-builders??? Jump on in and find out! Twenty-five full color pages of CGI Art with a bonus pin-up! Previewed on and Rated PG-13.< Less
Robot Wars the Comicbook: Issue #9 By Mike Sorensen
eBook (PDF): $1.99
In this Issue, Jake daydreams about a lovely interlude with Jess and Jen...only to be brought rudely back to reality! We meet Jessica's mother Deidree Mullens, and learn a terrible, possibly life... More > changing secret about Jess which Deidree has harbored many years. Then it is back to the sub-basement lab of the Evil Dr. Grondin who has designs on our stalwart trio of Robo-builders! Lots of excitement and secret revelations in this issue! Read it! Twenty-four full color pages of 3D CGI Artwork. Previewed on and rated R.< Less

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