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Mini-Adventure 2: The Black Mist (E-Book) By Justin Alexander
eBook (PDF): $4.99
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When a city is wracked by a magical plague that cannot be cured, the PCs are trapped inside the walls by the seal of quarantine. Death breeds death, and before this mist-born plague has passed the... More > entire city will be placed in a crucible of riot and fire and necromancy... The Black Mist, a complete adventure designed for four characters of 3rd to 5th level, can be used as an exciting adventure by itself or as the dramatic backdrop for any city-based campaign! It also features full-color handouts; diseased undead; rules for crowds, fires, mobs, and plague; necromantic magic items; and new spells. Each Adventure Supplement provides a complete adventure suitable for use with the D20 System. Mini-Adventures are designed to be fast and simple additions to a campaign - the perfect fit for a short session, quick interlude, or random encounter. Also available in print.< Less
Rule Supplement 1: Mounted Combat (E-Book) By Justin Alexander
eBook (PDF): $9.99
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Rule Supplement 1: Mounted Combat is the most complete and authoritative resource for mounts and mounted combat in the D20 System. It includes rules for: Flying mounts; burrowing, climbing, and... More > swimming mounts; large and small mounts; intelligent mounts; multiple riders; riding platforms; cavalry maneuvers; warpacks; contest jousting; and more! Inside you’ll find new equipment, new uses and expanded listings for the Handle Animal and Ride skills, more than 50 feats, and all the rules you’ll ever need for riding a mount -- no need to flip back and forth between the core rulebooks! Each Rule Supplement is designed to expand your personal D20 toolbox. They give you a plethora of options, broaden the scope of your campaigns, and make the game more fun for everyone. Each supplement also features an innovative new lay-out of sidebar cross-references, making these the easiest rules you'll ever use! Also available in print.< Less
Mini-Adventure 1: The Complex of Zombies (E-Book) By Justin Alexander
eBook (PDF): $2.00
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SECRETS OF BLOOD, MYSTERIES OF JADE... In a laboratory of stone, the Sons of Jade labored to unlock the arcane lore of the Jade Magi of Shandrala. But their efforts were doomed, and their entire... More > complex was drenched in the blood of their failure. Now the secrets of the necrosis cube and the orb of primal chaos lie in halls roamed only by desiccated, undead horrors. But these are no ordinary zombies, and those who would seek to reclaim the Jade Legacy must first learn the terror of the bloodsheen... The Complex of Zombies, an adventure for four 3rd-level characters, features a full-page map of the complex; flexible plot hooks; three new magic items; and two new monsters in an exciting, fast-paced adventure easily incorporated into any campaign! Also available in print.< Less
Spells of Light and Darkness: The Art of the Flame and Void (E-Book) By Justin Alexander
eBook (PDF): $2.50
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THE ART OF THE FLAME AND VOID... Spells of Light and Dark: The Art of the Flame and Void contains 50+ spells themed around magical light and darkness. While many may merely dabble with the... More > unrefracted glory of magical light and the stygian forces of magical darkness, there are great wonders and terrible powers to be harnessed by those willing to master their might. Animate Shadow, Banefire, Blacksight, Blinding Burst, Blinding Light, Blindsight Cocoon, Control Shadows, Dark Shroud, Eclipse, Endless Daylight, Endless Night, Endless Twilight, Gloomsight, Hidden Shadow, Incandescent Burst, Midnight Shroud, Moonlight, Obfuscate the Hidden Eye, Orb of Darkness, Orb of Light, Radiant Infusion, Shadow Chains, Shadowsheen, Shadow Spy, Shroud of Brilliance, Starflame, Touch of Shadow, True Darkness, Unholy Gloom, Utterdark Shroud, Wall of Shadows ... and many more!< Less