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What Is Evil? By Arthur Chappell
eBook (PDF): $6.75
A Humanistic philosophical assessment of the nature of human evil. ABOUT THE AUTHOR. Born in Manchester England on 9/2/1962. Arthur has a degree in literature and philosophy. Arthur... More > was brainwashed into a cult, which he escaped from in 1985. He writes to prove that he is more than just a victim, Arthur has several articles, poems and stories in print as well as a website and he issued a very successful audio CD, Bard For Life of his poetry He has also produced a book of poetry and short stories, Dreams Take Flight. Arthur is a member of the Sealed Knot English Civil War Re-enactment Society, that he serves as a pikeman on the field of battle. For Arthur’s other Lulu Publications see< Less
ID Card Uk By Arthur Chappell
eBook (PDF): $8.48
A prophetic look at what life could be like if today's government plans to make everyone in Britain carry biometric identity cards are put into force. The stories show how everyday life in... More > Manchester, England will be totally disrupted. This is a dark, Orwellian satire of a world we could soon be living in for real.< Less
DEATH ON DEANSGATE. By Arthur Chappell
eBook (PDF): $3.91
A comprehensive analysis of the English Civil War in Manchester, examining the question of whether Manchester's claims about the first blood of the events spilling there are valid or not. The study... More > shows how Manchester's defenders fared in the war and the years leading up to the Restoration of the Monarchy.< Less
eBook (PDF): $3.91
You may think the title is strange, but this collection of dark tales does include vampire stories, and some stories about quicksand. One story has vampires and quicksand. There are also robots on... More > the rampage and time travellers and the future of the British pub proves to be a nightmare. Enjoy, and watch where you step. My main website My Blog - My Space HOTMAIL A list of my published work to date - FACEBOOK - FACEBOOK BLOG MY BOOKS -< Less