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The Complete Picatrix: The Occult Classic of Astrological Magic Liber Atratus Edition By Christopher Warnock, John Michael Greer
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The Picatrix is the most famous grimoire of astrological magic and one of the most important works of medieval and Renaissance magic. With all four books of the Latin Picatrix complete in one volume,... More > translated & annotated by the noted scholars, magicians and astrologers John Michael Greer & Christopher Warnock, Picatrix takes its rightful place as an essential occult text. Picatrix is an encyclopedic work with over 300 pages of Hermetic magical philosophy, ritual, talismanic and natural magic. Greer & Warnock’s complete translation is lucid and well annotated. Renaissance Astrology & Adocentyn Press have released the complete Picatrix in a variety of different editions, including the Liber Atratus and Liber Rubeus editions. All editions contain the same basic text, but add additional variant passages, either from the Arabic Picatrix or authors cited, but not found in the Latin Picatrix. The Liber Atratus edition adds a passage on poisons from Ibn Washiyya’s Book of Poisons.< Less
Book of the Treasure of Alexander: Ancient Hermetic Alchemy & Astrology By Christopher Warnock, Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold
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The Book of the Treasure of Alexander, attributed to Alexander the Great and the philosopher Aristotle, is a medieval Hermetic text of alchemy, astrology and astrological magic. This is the first... More > complete English translation and contains a fascinating look at Arabic alchemy with instructions for preparing the Great Elixir or Philosopher's Stone. The Book of the Treasure of Alexander contains 30 new astrological talismans, most provided with special images from the original Arabic manuscript and new planetary invocations. Translated from the Portuguese critical edition by Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold and edited by the leading contemporary astrological magician, Christopher Warnock, the Book of the Treasure of Alexander is an invaluable addition to the library of scholars and practitioners of authentic Hermetic astrology, alchemy and magic.< Less
Ferrier's Judgment of Nativities By Christopher Warnock
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Translated into English in 1593, Auger Ferrier's Judgment of Nativities is a complete guide to judging birth charts using traditional astrology. It explains how to use a natal chart to determine the... More > length of life, Alcochoden & Hyleg, wealth & income, siblings and family, children, health, romance & marriage, death, trips, career, friends and even secret enemies. A fascinating book & a great way to learn how to make precise, accurate predictions from birth charts using traditional methods! Facsimile version of 1593 edition with short introduction by Christopher Warnock, a leading traditional astrologer.< Less
Secrets of Planetary Magic 2nd Edition By Christopher Warnock
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The Secrets of Planetary Magic is an excellent introduction to traditional planetary magic by Christopher Warnock, the leading astrological magician and a master traditional astrologer. It... More > contains insights gleaned from a decade of practice and study of traditional planetary magic and is an excellent introduction to traditional astrological magic. The Secrets of Planetary Magic explains the theory of planetary magic, the planetary hours and planetary hour elections, advanced planetary magic and contains a complete set of seven planetary images for talismans and planetary talisman consecration instructions.< Less