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LEG MIST By John M. Bennett
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LEG MIST: The dream of blood the dream of fountain pens on the window bang bang la pinche descarnada in the moat worms lengua de madera yr name off ff inds yr nname was tines yr book re moved espejo... More > de grava garabatos to be read run dust falling from the fridge dream of sssilence sensa tez de hoja inescrita thrumming in a cloak of bees the dark letters of your skin it's meat inside yr phone form split form split storm spit word wheel wheel turd meal ppapel rasgado que me llee el center of time's tail in mouth escríbame con lluvia mas no me rajes no me nombres onda tumba : j'ai haine de la poésie w i n d wind w i n d ~ ~ ~< Less
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Poetry makes things happen, makes us happy by making things happen. Concoct meanings as you wish, sort and sift them, discard them in the end and enjoy the machinery of the poem at work. Poems make... More > little things happen, but worlds are made of little things, lives are made of little things. A poem should mean and be and do, simultaneously and sequentially. Open this book to page 12 and read "found the fistula," which might be thought of as a kind of mini ars poetica...Read a poem once and you know that it exists. Read it twice and you might think you know some of what it means. Read it three times and you suspect it of nonexistence. The poem will not sit still for your inspection. While reading it the fourth time you suspect you have some sort of slithering, slippery, shape-shifting chimera before your eyes. It is made of signs and sings and sounds and sooouuunds, slimy shifting symbols and sticky surfaces...Poetry makes us happy by making things happen. - Jim Leftwich< Less
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If there's one thing I've learned from reading John M. Bennett's poetry for 20+ years, it's that things can change in an instant. At first you think some of the pieces you've been reading are... More > hardcore concrete poetry, poetry of the physicality of words, of expression, the mechanicality or instrumentality of thought. But then you happen to watch a performance by John and you've got the book in your hand, and suddenly you realize that a certain percentage of the poems, or even of any given poem, might suddenly become a very succinct notation for an agile, well oiled vocal performance where some strange fog is playing the 'john-horn' or its fog suit avatar. There are collaborations, works inspired by travel and friendships, poems in Spanish and French, and engagement with the entireties of many avant-garde traditions and anti-traditions. John M. Bennett is a national treasure. -Lanny Quarles< Less
Olas Cursis By John M. Bennett
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Written mostly in English, with some poems in Spanish, or mixtures of the two languages, Bennett's new book, with its multiple voices and forms, including some visual works, continues to challenge or... More > befuddle the tired, cliché-ridden world of North American poetry with poems like this: skin skin soon the shore turd cries re meantless imbrication of the sh adow water where your feet was gone ? impaction ,cloud ,funnel vision of the blut was left its shroud of flies its stony maggots where the beak onnce spspurt ,congoja conjugada con el horizonTe na nada es y nádame el pellejo vacío ,aire ...sous l’horrible peau que flotte... - José-María de Heredia< Less

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