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Better than the Best By Anthony Gallo
eBook (PDF): $1.00
Better than the Best is about the role Scottish Presbyterians played in the rise and growth of the Industrial Age in the United States . Pittsburgh steel executives build the world’s... More > largest steel plant and a worker’s paradise to house workers in Pennsylvania. Workers are essentially required to purchase lots in the new town at inflated prices. The town grows with the rise of the steel industry, and nearly five thousand workers, mostly immigrant, are employed. But the town must adjust to automation and the collapse of the steel industry in the twentieth century< Less
Vandergrift! By Anthony Gallo
eBook (PDF): $1.25
In the early 1890’s, steel tycoon George McMurtry, tries to produce a unique marriage between architecture and industrialism to build a workingman's paradise in southwestern Pennsylvania. But... More > his goal is also to destroy strikers and keep compliant workers happy. He hires Frederick Law Olmstead, the Nation's preeminent architect, to design the town of Vandergrift, named after his partner. Ida Tarbell, who will someday expose J. D. Rockefeller, is intrigued by the idea and visits the town. She and McMurtry clash over his flawed idealism and her subconscious biases. She revisits the town four times over the next half a century, each time reexamining her own and McMurtry’s ideals as the Nation goes through wars, depressions, the New Deal, the Union movement, and the final collapse of the steel industry. McMurtry’s dream and Olmstead’s design live on despite the collapse of both the steel industry. But what happens to the town?< Less
Lincoln and God By Anthony Gallo
eBook (PDF): $2.50
The play traces Abraham Lincoln's relationship with God through his defeats, triumphs, and tragedies as he hears God in the dialogue and actions of those closest to him during his years in the White... More > House. From his arrival in Washington dancing to the Mary Lincoln Polka to the Emancipation Proclamation and Second Inauguration, we follow the president as he clashes with other characters in the cast. He struggles with his moral decisions with the Reverend Phineas Gurley, and must even face the other side of God with difficult military and political decisions. He falls upon God with the collapse of his beloved wife Mary and death of son Willie. Faithful Chief of Staff John Hay wants him to do the politically right thing. Lincoln must confront depression, allegations of homosexuality, and séances.< Less

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