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3015 By Laura Davis
eBook (PDF): $9.32
By 3015, the world has changed a great deal; it is now divided into two main blocks comprised of The East and The West. Many of the old prejudices appear to have disappeared. A ‘gene’ for... More > homosexuality has been discovered and has subsequently wiped out all justification for discrimination based on sexual orientation. However, some long for a return to the old values. A clandestine group called ‘The Moralists’ is still out there and are a constant threat to those with the ‘gene.’ When an alien race who have lost the ability to procreate due to a polluted water supply invade Western Earth; fertile persons with the gene are put in a ‘re-education’ camp to become future breeders for the conquering aliens.< Less
Undercover By Laura Davis
eBook (PDF): $7.99
Fate has a gun aimed at the hearts of Joy Gambini and Dante D’Angelo. If a happily-ever-after exists for either of them it won’t be found in their undercover assignments.
The Jessops By Laura Davis
eBook (PDF): $8.37
If you are in the mood for a good, old fashioned love story laced with some witty dialogue and a lot of passion, The Jessop's is just what the doctor ordered!