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Malevolent and Benign II By Joseph Browning
Hardcover: $40.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
Malevolent and Benign II is a brand new 110 page, 1e monster book featuring 150+ creatures (and more than 75 illustrations) compatible with the first edition of the world's most popular fantasy... More > roleplaying game. Confront the most experienced player with unfamiliar monsters such as the fearsome tikbalang, the vicious banfaet and the terrible chrotomaton. Includes 3 appendices: new magic items associated with the monsters: monsters by level, monsters by rarity, and monsters by terrain type.< Less
Advanced Adventures Compendium Four By Joseph Browning
Hardcover: $50.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
This book compiles 10 Advanced Adventure modules. If you enjoy these adventures, look for future releases in the Advanced Adventures line from Expeditious Retreat Press. The Lost Lair of Drecallis... More > by Rick Maffei 4-7 The Palace Beyond by Jasper Polane 6-9 The Halls of Lidless Shabbath by Stuart Marshall & Joseph Browning 12-15 The Crocodile’s Tear by Geoff Gander 3-6 The Desert Shrine of the Sightless Sisters by Keith Sloan 5-8 Aerie of the Cloud Giant Strategos by Joseph Browning 9-14 Under Ruined Onm by Joseph A. Mohr 5-7 White Dragon Run by James C. Boney, Joseph Browning, & Joseph A. Mohr 2-5 The Dark Tower of Arcma by Joseph A. Mohr 6-10 The Horror of Merehurst by Joseph Browning 1< Less
A Magical Medieval Society: Western Europe (3rd Edition Softcover) By Joseph Browning & Suzi Yee
Paperback: $36.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
This 208-page supplement is for GMs and players who wish to add a touch of realism to their game. It's for the people who'd like to flesh out the background of their gaming world, but don't have the... More > time to dig through scholarly books. A Magical Medieval Society: Western Europe provides you flexibility and advice in creating your own world. It contains a massive amount of game-usable information about the medieval period and focuses on how D20 magic could change a traditional medieval setting. Generation systems for kingdoms, cities, manors, aristocratic wealth and landholding; a thorough construction system; and an economic simulator allow GMs to recreate the high middle ages feel with ease. The book is easily usable with any fantasy role-playing game. The 2nd Edition added in a chapter on warfare, and this 3rd edition adds a chapter on the naming of places. "If you're a DM and running a D&D game, you should have this book. Period." Monte Cook, author of the 3E Dungeon Master's Guide.< Less
Advanced Adventures #40: The Horror of Merehurst By Joseph Browning
eBook (PDF): $7.00
The Horror of Merehurst is an OSRIC(tm) module designed for 6-10 adventurers of First Level The island of Merehurst was once a bustling center for trade. But this was not to last, for in one single... More > deadly night sixty years ago all the people and the animals of the town died - collapsing where they stood. The neighboring villagers of Coombe claimed that the miners dug too deeply into Ynyswel and the spirit of the isle was offended. The island gained a fearsome reputation and only the bravest would dare set foot upon its forested grounds. Yesterday strange lights were seen in the sky over the island and Ynyswel started smoking. The villagers can wait no longer. Brave adventurers must be found who are willing to investigate the Isle of Merehurst to either appease or oppose what lies behind the latest mysterious activities. If you enjoy this adventure, look for future releases in the Advanced Adventures line from Expeditious Retreat Press.< Less

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