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Fresh Fever From the Skies: The Collected Writings of IAO131 (Hardcover) By IAO131
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'Fresh Fever From the Skies: The Collected Writings of IAO131' represents an anthology of writings over the 7 years spanning 2007-2014 e.v. from the author IAO131. IAO131 is the author of... More > 'Naturalistic Occultism: The Introduction to Scientific Illuminism,' 'Thelema Sutras,' and 'The Parables & Lessons of Liber LXV.' He is also the co-creator of the Speech in the Silence podcast, the creator & editor of the Journal of Thelemic Studies, the creator of 2nd Century Thelema, the creator of The Grady McMurtry Project, and his works have been featured in many publications including U.S. Grand Lodge of Ordo Templi Orientis' official organ 'Agape.' His writings span various topics on Thelema, Magick, Aleister Crowley, and the occult. Many of his writings have not been available in published form previously, and now they are all collected together in 'Fresh Fever From the Skies.'< Less
Naturalistic Occultism (eBook) By IAO131
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Naturalistic Occultism: An Introduction to Scientific Illuminism is an attempt to introduce the approach of Scientific Illuminism to occultism. It is in line with the motto of Scientific Illuminism,... More > "The Method of Science, the Aim of Religion." Naturalistic Occultism approaches the theory and practice of occultism in a way that is scientific (using the scientific method and being up-to-date in current scientific knowledge), naturalistic (not supernatural), and pragmatic (whatever works is provisionally 'true'). This book represents an honest attempt to separate the gold of the practice of magick from the dross of superstition and dogma.< Less
The Parables and Lessons of Liber LXV By IAO131
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In 'The Parables and Lessons of Liber LXV,' IAO131 elucidates seven parables from the tradition of Thelema, drawn from one of its Holy Books known as 'Liber Cordis Cincti Serpente sub figura LXV,' or... More > simply 'Liber LXV.' Also included is a brief appendix examining the question of whether Thelema is a religion or not.< Less
Thelema Sutras (hardcover) By IAO131
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Thelema Sutras? What kind of nonsense is this? Well, in short, it's the kind of nonsense IAO131 enjoys writing. Sutras are Eastern texts, specifically those of Hinduism and Buddhism. They come in... More > many forms and many styles, but they represent the various manifestations of the Light of the Gnosis as they appeared throughout the East. Thelema Sutras approaches the self-same Mysteries of the Western Tradition but with the style and attitude of someone from the East rather than the typical Hermetic-Qabalistic-Occultist approach. Thelema Sutras contains several texts in the style of Hindu Upanishads as well as some in the style Buddhist sutras. Included in the middle of the book is 'The Lost Sutra of Harold,' a humorous interlude that tackles things from Western philosophy to astral travel to transcending logic to the Holy Guardian Angel.< Less