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Butterfly Dawn By Greg Sky
Paperback: $16.38
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Greg Sky, an acclaimed master of contemporary fantasy fiction, presents one of his most imaginative works to date – Tales of the Butterfly Dawn. Six vibrant and self-contained short stories... More > comprise the tales which are then woven into the overarching Butterfly Dawn plot.< Less
Shocked! By Greg Sky
Paperback: $83.40
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The complete comic that was published online for over three years. This the full colour version.
Witches Blood By Greg Sky
Paperback: $25.84
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Back to the dawn of mankind and led on a journey through the ages, Witches Blood is told from the perspective of some of the most beautiful, intelligent and cunning women ever portrayed: witches. For... More > thousands of years, female witches have ruled and led the Eight Families. As we witness the births, lives and deaths of witch Queens and their families, the furious and courageous battles with witch hunters, both ancient and modern, rage on while the mysterious Others watch from the shadows, also poised for battle. Shrouded by their thin cloaks of normalcy, we share with the witches the pain of loss and the joys of friendship and love. Carmenica, the wise and powerful Mother of the Order of the Books, keeps watch over her families and records it all. But now a new menace, threatens the integrity and stability of this age-old Order – Marco. And he is one of their own.< Less
Protection By Greg Sky
Paperback: $16.62
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'Protection' is a measured, deceptively simple study of human nature, which subtly challenges and overturns many of society’s norms and expectations. The reader becomes emotionally... More > connected. Although set in a small town, it is a microcosm of society the world over and will be universal in its appeal. Gentle and thought provoking, this story will stimulate readers’ minds and have them cheering from the sidelines as both Jennifer and Helen confront their demons – and not only win, but flourish with new-found strength and self awareness.< Less