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Tower's Heart By Andrea Moen
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A long chain was attached to the wall above the bed. The other end was attached to the ankle of a young woman. She had been sold by her huband as a sex slave. This is the telling of her life.
Werewolves Return By Andrea Moen
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Linda had never really felt like she belonged anywhere but in the woods where she grew up. When her parents die she's sent to live with relitives but returns home many years later. It's there that... More > she learns her true past and finds her future in love.< Less
Accidental Experiment Book 1: The Experiment Begins By Andrea Moen
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It was through a secret lap, controled by a sudo-governemt group that wanted to speed up the evelution of the human race that Jen and her team were exposed to something that changed them and awakened... More > their special abilities. Jen or Jennifer to those that weren't close to her had been hoping for a new start. She never dreamt her new life would lead her in such an unbelievable way. Standing at her self-imposed post, scanning the area, using her gifts, to make sure those she cared for were safe.< Less
A World Found By Andrea Moen
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Dani gets called home to bury her father, and find out that he has left a mess for her to clean up. She finds herself in a new world of intrigue, deception, murder and corporate betrayal that she... More > didn't know existed and finds that this world needs her help to make better or she prays she can make a difference.< Less