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Book of Days By Sara Reinke
eBook (PDF): $8.44
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The ordinary and seemingly unrelated lives of Trejaeran Muirel and Qynh Reoder are forever and irrevocably changed when they learn they are brother and sister, twin heirs to the throne of Tiralainn,... More > and the children of a murdered King of Men and Queen of the Elves. By Elfin prophecy, one of them will one day defeat Ciardha, the evil and immortal Queen who now reigns over the realm, and restore the alliance of men and Elves. With LARGE PRINT for low eye stress and easy reading< Less
Book of Dragons: Volume Three By Sara Reinke
eBook (PDF): $8.78
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Book Three in the Chronicles of Tiralainn - Volume Three Rhyden Fabhcun has faced many challenges and enemies in his life. In the third installment of this epic adventure, he faces what could well... More > be his greatest yet -- the vengeful and powerful spirit of a long-dead queen, Mongoljin Burilgitu. Summoned by the Oirat’s bitter enemies, the Khahl, Mongoljin has an appetite for souls and is bent on preventing Temuchin Arightei from claiming the dragons’ lair. She will stop at nothing, and will destroy anyone who stands with the boy who would be king -- including Rhyden.< Less
Book of Shadows By Sara Reinke
eBook (PDF): $7.99
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Twenty years pass between the events in Book of Days and its sequels, Book of Thieves and Book of Dragons, but that doesn’t mean everything was peaceful in Tiralainn in the meanwhile. In the... More > first part of Book of Shadows, Rhyden Fabhcun is on an urgent mission: Gather together allies to the King and Queen and bring them to the royal city to help stop a brewing revolution. Rhyden finds more than he bargains for in a bittersweet homecoming to Edenvale, the pastoral community where he once lived. Here, he discovers old prejudices still run deep -- and new ones, deeper still. Can he protect Trejaeran Muirel, his oldest and dearest friend, from a town that hates and fears him? Now you can enjoy the entire Chronicles of Tiralainn series in order, beginning with the award-winning Book of Days, followed by this latest installment, Book of Shadows, then Book of Thieves and multivolume epic Book of Dragons, Volumes 1-5.< Less
Book of Dragons: Book Three in the Chronicles of Tiralainn - Volume Four By Sara Reinke
eBook (PDF): $7.99
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Book Three in the Chronicles of Tiralainn - Volume Four In the second-to-the-last installment in this epic adventure, each treacherous step leads young Temuchin Arightei closer to his destiny -- and... More > the dragons. When a tragic betrayal leaves the Oirat’s map to the lair lost forever, only Rhyden Fabhcun can help them continue in their quest. But to discover the secrets of the dragons, Rhyden must risk sacrificing his life -- and his very soul. Meanwhile, Aedhir Fainne finds himself caught between a battle ax and the grave when he stands accused of murder among the Enghan. It’s up to his new-found ally, Eirik Gerpir, to save him -- but will Eirik be willing to assume the mantle of leadership over his people he has so long shunned in order to prove his friend’s innocence?< Less

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