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The Heavenly Bride: Book 1 By Katrina Joyner
Paperback: $8.99
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Lhung is a celestial dragon - an immortal being of noble birth - trapped in mortal form. No one can see him for what he truly is until the day he meets the girl crying in the garden. They both with... More > their secrets form an intimate bond that can never blossom into love, although Lhung wishes it could. His love forces him to linger nearby despite shame, rivals, and his own internal doubts. And even though, he often reminds himself, if she were to discover he were a vampire she may never want to see him again.< Less
There's Nothing Romantic About Washing the Dishes By Katrina Joyner
Paperback: $4.99
Ships in 3-5 business days
Magic isn't dead. We have just forgotten to notice it! And so here is a collection of short stories with magic so deep you may not even notice it's there. "Silver" - Because redemption... More > comes in many ways. "Over It" - When the old goat is being too gruff. "Ghost in the Water" - These days, river maidens have to groom themselves. "The Cup of Cappuccino" - Fairy godmothers sometimes drink coffee and write letters to make you smile.< Less
Black Wolf, Silver Fox By Katrina Joyner
Paperback: $9.99
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In the end there were five of them: Aramina, Raori, Duinn, Eahn, and Picket. They were friends, and Aramina was their heart, the one who had stood on both sides. That was before the team was retired... More > and the kingdom fell into years of suffering at the hands of their cruel master. Their master is calling for them again. He's asking that they rid the world forever of the only remaining tie to the land: a prince. To do so they must face their old rival, Finnbhear the Silver Fox. Obeying this command is an opportunity for one of many things. She and the others could gain more stature in their master's eyes. They could win their freedom. They could find love - or rediscover it. They can also die trying - as chaos takes their lives and no action they take makes sense nor seems sane. And Aramina - whom Finnbhear can not forget - still stands at the center after all these years.< Less