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Age Of Chivalry: Prehistoric Journey: Book 3 By D.L. Narrol
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This third steampunk book of the Prehistoric Journey series takes the four time travelers to the unexpected again. It’s autumn 1910 when Colin, Sasha, Rosa and Amoli time travel to 1487 England... More > after the War of the Roses. The queen is enchanted with Colin and has him knighted. He rescues his friends from the castle dungeon. He also battles fifteenth-century ideas of chivalry and suffers the consequences. During this voyage they discover prehistoric mammals have been misplaced from when they tried to close the passage through time in Celtic Odyssey. The four time-travelers attempt to return to 1910, but another error occurs and for the first time they travel to their future – 1970.< Less
When Beowulf Meets Kyla By D.L. Narrol
eBook (PDF): $7.99
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Worlds collide, as the two lovers are torn apart and sent spinning through time and space. It will take all of Kyla’s feminine ingenuity and Beowulf’s strength of 30 men to discover a way... More > to be together.< Less
Prehistoric Journey By D.L. Narrol
eBook (PDF): $7.99
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Captain Limmerick lives a double life, from working class fisherman to prehistoric explorer. He stumbles onto Dr. Dimitrikov’s faulty time-travel device and travels 10,000 years into the past... More > to find how Megaloceros giganteus came to its demise. When the time travel expedition goes bust, he then time-travels again to try and fix the mess he made, but ends up 40,000 years into the past instead where he is faced with the unthinkable. Captain Limmerick proves his bravery but also realizes he is an ill-prepared time-traveler. While all hell breaks loose he is also caught between the-tug-of-war of two aggressive women.< Less

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