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A Holiday to Remember By Shiree McCarver
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Julia Payne is a professional photographer who lost her fiancé in the 9-11 Attacks. She believes in making the best of every moment by seizing every opportunity to experience the joys of... More > life. Brooding Japanese world renowned classical music conductor, Ikuya Yamane, plays Russian roulette with his life on the anniversary of his wife’s death. He’s made a personal vow to never let what happened in his past happen again. He’s given each affair an expiration date. Julia only has two months and he’s out of there! When Julia meets Ikuya Yamane after his benefit concert and he offers her heart stopping uncomplicated sex if she becomes his lover during the remaining New York Holiday concert season. Harboring a secret crush she finds Ikuya an experience not to be missed. When it ends Julia gets more than A Holiday to Remember.< Less
All I Want Is You By Shiree McCarver
Paperback: $12.98
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If you enjoyed Ms. McCarver's book All You Want For Christmas you will fall in love all over again as Alec and Mary's love story continues... Mary Christmas, a thirty something overweight executive... More > assistant who is clueless to her appeal is discovering falling in love over and over again with business mogul Alec Mercer was the easy part. Loving a public figure isn't. When a marriage proposal is on the table, building and blending your lives and families together is expected but can a relationship be sustained when others are working against you? Will it be impossible to bring together two cultures, two sets of dreams, two personalities and two single-minded lifestyles when reality bites? Will love be strong enough to strengthen the relationship of opposites and catapult them to the matrimony or will Alec and Mary become just another interracial couple conforming to the will of others and live the rest of their lives wondering what could have been?< Less
A Satyr's Tale: Selby and Darius By Shiree McCarver
Paperback: $12.42
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SELBY MAISON has worked her way up from an orphan to a successful recording star. Only to find at thirty-five her career is fading, she has a failed marriage, and now can never have children. What's... More > a girl to do? DARIUS ANDROS is a shape-shifting Satyr from Ancient Greece. He is searching for a soul mate that can give him a family he so longs for. With one catch she must be a descendant of the Nymphs for it to work. Can Selby accept the offer of undying love from Darius? To be immortal and be able to have children that would be half Satyr? Together they must face fears they both have and make a decision of life immortal or human. May include intense violence and language, and mature sexual themes. Genre: Contemporary/Rubenesque/shifting Satyrs'< Less
The Flavor Of Love By Shiree McCarver
Paperback: $14.84
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Japanese District Court Judge Keigo Kyou, has the fortune or misfortune to meet renowned Psychic Chef, Etta Jones after an irate customer hauls her into his televised courtroom. When she refuses to... More > adhere to the rules of his court, she leaves him no alternative but to charge her a fine and have her arrested. What does one do with a sassy psychic chef? Hire them of course. The only thing is Etta, may be a little more than his well-organized lifestyle can handle. When the cooking flour settles, Keigo and Etta will learn unanticipated romance comes from unpredicted places, in the most astonishing flavors. Of an Adult nature. Not recommended for those under 17.< Less

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Left to Die Left to Die By Wes Rand
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